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Hello tutti,

I have heard of a French version. Is it still relevant ?
Do you need playtesters?
Is there a way to get the translations for a fee?
I am launching a campaign in a post-apocalyptic universe and I admit that the rules in French would greatly lighten my task.

Thank you for your attention

Keep gaming

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Hi Triste.

The French version is still a thing, particularly now that Alexandre Astier has revealed he is a fan. Unfortunately the text we have already in French is not complete, and the text that will form the basis for the French version is still being worked on. I have just sent the latest verson of Chapter Six to Zit for review, and in the meantime we realized there is still one section missing. You can expect a complete French translation not earlier than Spring 2021.

However, there *is * some French text we could share with you which is rather consolidated. It is a little bit concise on survival, which is a main staple of a post-apoc game, but it does include rules for hi-tech, too, so you might find it useful. PM me or Zit and you might receive a "small gift".

Proud member of the Evil CompetitionTM

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