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Heroquest vs. Runequest?

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RuneQuest is a d100 based task resolution system with combat rules and specific rules for, for example, chases. It is representing, what you would call, old school play style. It is based on BRP. Or actually, BRP is based on it.

HeroQuest is a d20 based narrative story obstacle resolution system. It abstracts all dice rolling to important points in story and doesn't have special rulings for, for example, combat. It has nothing to do with BRP nor the boardgame with the same name. The HeroQuest next edition is called QuestWorlds.

Both are set in Glorantha and explore it with different play styles. Both have integration into Glorantha through runes and other stuff.

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7 hours ago, GothmogIV said:

Friends, what is the difference between these two games? They are both set in Glorantha but use different mechanics? Is Heroquest a different system than BRP?

Both have free SRDs (without Glorantha), please note that HeroQuest is now called QuestWorlds 

you can have a quick skim here:



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HeroQuest/QuestWorlds is a more narrative game, with far less crunch and detail.

RuneQuest is far more detailed, but I run it more narratively, so that it feels more like HeroQuest/QuestWorlds in places.

Depending how you configure HeroQuest/QuestWorlds, you can have it as a very abstract game or make it almost as simulationist as RuneQuest, so it if very flexible. I find that Heroquest focuses on what is important to the story, so if you meet a gang of trollkin you can bush them aside in one roll, but courting someone from a nearby clan could take a whole sequence of rolls, if it is important or could be covered by one roll if it is just a means to an end.

Character sheets in HeroQuest/QuestWorlds could be done in a few lines and work well. The same in RuneQuest takes a whole page, if you are lucky.

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4 hours ago, GothmogIV said:

Interesting. I have not played a system like HeroQuest before. Side not: the incredibly pretty blonde woman from Daredevil--Deborah Wall--runs a game on Twitch called Relics&Rarities. I think (?) they use a similar, "Less-Cruch-Is-Better" kind of game, but I could be wrong. 

I love Relics and Rarities, which is narrative 5E, as said, because it gives crunchy game people a nice look into what a more narrative style can do. HQ/QW is fun for telling stories together with a GM who does the plot twists! And it works great no matter the character "level". At least, I think we managed to pull it off in Valley of Plenty with kid characters. :D I am biased, of course. Because there's no stat blocks, there's no having to juggle things to make sure an obstacle isn't too easy or hard for the game with percentage juggling. For those not interested in such things. 

There's definitely room for all types of games. It all depends on what a person wants out of their happy fun times.

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