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Need Volunteers for Playtesting

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the Cult of Chaos so I'm still catching my bearings, but I was told you guys might be able to help me with playtesting. I've been working towards publication, and its at the point where it needs fresh eyes and some playtesting if its ever gonna get better. 

The scenario in question sees the investigators joining an archaeological expedition unearthing a lost Portuguese colony deep within the Amazon rainforest. They will have four days to reveal the otherworldly nature of the fungal infection that is sweeping through their camp, as well as contend with the increasingly odd behavior of several fellow expedition members. The scenario can be completed in one long or two average length sessions, and is set in the 1920's.

If you're interested you can direct message me here or shoot me an email at cthulhuplaytest@gmail.com for more information. It would be expected that you could type up a bit of feedback when you finishnot an all-encompassing document of every typo or incorrect comma, but more about unclear information or places you (or your players) got stuck.

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