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Pegasus Plateau via Mastakos

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1 hour ago, jongjom said:

Anyway, no doubt the official announcement is coming but looks like the gates are open to order the physical copy of PP. 

Hah, wow! I thought I was luckily on the early end for getting discount code before seeing official word :P. How's the dead Aldryami edition looking?

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5 hours ago, Stephen L said:

I'd have thought that POD is more expensive than traditional distribution.  Oh, just checked your profile - is it the Spanish postage that's off-putting?

well is bite, so I prefer to not pay for it twice. But if the POD is far away...

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On 9/24/2020 at 8:11 PM, Rick Meints said:

We have no plans to do this book as POD. That could change several years from now, but that's at least 3+ years down the road.

I explained my self grongly, I was trying to say: the RQ2 POD. But in the end I ordered the Pegasus plateau XD


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This appeared yesterday (Wednesday) on my door. Order previous week on Thursday. So less than a week between ordering and receiving these wonderful books 😲.

Fastest delivery every for any Gloranthan product!
That can mean only, that Mastakos must have been involved here too!

Living in Munich, Germany this order was handled by the new European warehouse (located in Poland, I think). Obviously this new warehouse is a real win (at least for me :) ...)

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