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Some Hiording clan work

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Hello! I’ve been encouraged to post my Hiording clan work for my young campaign. The attached files are part of what I shared with the players at the beginning of the campaign. There is much additional information that they don't know (yet), but I don’t want to put spoilers that my players might see so if you want more details on any situation/person, just ask. And I'm happy to explain how any of the many oddities came about, if you are curious. And the topic title is misleading, this was fun and not work. I love world-building!

A few notes on the information in the attached files:

1) Each player answered the HQ clan questionnaire and I combined that with info from their character generation and as much as I could find on Hiording and swans to generate the clan.

2) They are that rarest of Orlanthi clans in that they are not dysfunctional. 😊 There are disagreements and even rivalries, of course, but its greatest strength is in its morale and unity. I wanted to provide the players with a stable base from which they could focus on external challenges. Which is not to say that there are NO secrets…

3) The clan is Balanced and not a Peace clan, but under the current chief they have been a very peaceful clan for the last 12 years. The clan has a weak military and is not as rich as their fields would lead one to believe (lack of raiding, not participating in the Duck Hunt, etc.). But they have a strong alliance with the muscular Varmandi. On a 1-10 on war, they are a 3.

4) I don’t do Elmal. 😊 I know I should, and tried, but having Elmal and Yelmalio in the same universe just doesn’t work for me. Please substitute Elmal for Yelmalio if you prefer.

Hiording Clan Narrative.pdf

Hiordings of Note.pdf


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15 hours ago, mkv67 said:

This is great, one of my players is the Thane of Apple Lane and is marrying into the Hiording, he managed to persaude the Cheif's daughter to accept him so I think this will be very handy!


Please feel free to ask here or message me if you want any additional information about the clan or individuals, as I said this is the sanitized-for-players version. If you want to know which of the listed clan members are drunkards, why there is a 21 year old on the Ring, what the clan secret is, etc. then happy to dish. :)

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