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Mything Links on the Jonstown Compendium

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Hi all,

Over on the Facebook Runequest group Nick’s mention of Mything Links put a thought in my head.  I would like to reimagine the collected Mything Links stories as an Jonstown Compendium piece that will be sold to raise money for Movember.  All creator profits would go to Movember and all authors would retain full copyright.  My plan is to reformat the stories in the Jonstown Compendium format and maybe add some art pieces (donations anyone?  Doesn’t have to be new), some better indices and a map showing where the stories are set.

This would introduce these stories to a new audience and celebrate the contribution the old e-mail Digests did for Glorantha

The people I need to contact for permission are:

David Ainsworth
Hervé Ancelin
Barry Blatt
Simon Bray
Pam Carlson
Hervé Carteau
Ian Cunningham
Robert Darvall
Sergi Díaz aka Kenrae
David Dunham
Neil Edmond
Nikk Effingham
Tim Ellis
Daniel Fahey
James Frusetta
Mark Galeotti
Gian Gero
Frank Giles
David Hall
John Hughes
Ian (wrote a piece called The Origin of the Okapi from the World of Glorantha list 2011/03/25)
Guy Jobbins
Andrew Joelson
Jeff Kyer
Pete McAveney
Sergio Mascarenhas
Peter Metcalfe
Peter Michaels
Keith Nellist
Sandy Petersen
Soren Petersen
Pradal Pierre
Alison Place
Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener
Jamie Revell
Jeff Richards
Roderick Robertson
Bo Rosén
Sven 'Erik' Sieurin
Philippe Sigaud
Harald Smith
Andrew Solovay
Stewart Stansfield
Stephen Tempest
Terra Incognita
Bryan Thexton
Peter Tracy
Nils Weinander

If you are one of these people or know how to get a hold of them please contact me at bernuetz [at] mymts.net.  I will not include materials for anyone I cannot get permission from.

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5 hours ago, Nick Brooke said:

I've just remembered that the Jonstown Compendium rules prohibit fiction, other than "Short vignettes in roleplaying game materials."

So this won't work... unless someone at Chaosium gives you the green light to do it as a special one-off case for charity. (Ask @MOB?)

Sorry, the Jonstown Compendium is not a site for fiction collections, even ones for a good cause.

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