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Few Experienced Keepers Needed - Playtest

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Heya! So recently me and my partner (mostly him) have made a PDF containing 6 scenarios. 


The catch is that they're all skeletons and do not contain every answer therein. Some of them have alot of lore. 

We would like to offer a copy of this PDF to 2-3 Keepers for free (currently I'm awaiting drivthrurpg to make it public and $10), and get feedback on them. Currently it is just under 50 pages. 

These are all Horror-based and Halloween ready! 

We ask for experienced Keepers because there are some gaps purposely left for improv. I have provided PCs and most NPCs to help with the annoying little nuances. 

It is preferred that your feedback is given after playing a scenario with your group, not just reading through it. 

Leave a message here or email Elessidel@gmail.com if you'd like to give feedback. 

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