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Scritch Scratch with two players

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Reading through the scenario "Scritch Scratch", and I'd like to run it with two players.  The scenario states that it's for between 2 and 6 players, but no breakdown is given for which of the pregens to use with fewer than 6 players.  The cleaners would seem to be the obvious choice with 2.  But which of the 3 cleaners?  The husband and wife, or the husband and the indebted nephew, or the wife and indebted nephew?

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I'm not sure which pregens to run, but you should listen to this podcast... it's more of a radio play. It's about 2 podcasters doing a story (2 players). Like the crew in Scritch Scratch. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06spb8w/episodes/downloads. You'll see both radio plays and i think playing this one first worked better. (But Charles Dexter Ward is the first radio play... can't go wrong either way.) Enjoy, Gil

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I'm going to disagree. I've run this and the scenario works best with a smaller group of players if the players take the documentary crew. The cleaners are just an excuse to get the characters to the cottage and look around. But once done that (and the documentary crew will be with them the whole time if they are following their own motivations) the cleaners have a very weak motivation to actually investigate and look for clues in the surrounding locations. The documentary characters on the other hand have a very strong motivation to do so.

In short, I found the cleaner pregens to be weakly motivated to engage with the majority of the scenario. I would suggest allowing them to pick from among the documentary crew and NPCing the cleaners.

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