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New Logo on Pegasus Plateau


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Just got my hardback copies of the smoking ruins and Pegasus Plateau and while putting these awesome books in the shelf next to the others i noticed that the RQ logo on Pegasus Plateau is different. Has there been any statement as to why?  I know there was some scepticism against the logo (especially the E's and the S), I did not really mind but i must say I think this updated one looks better.

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Not a fan of the previous one but it had a little more character than the new one, which is just bland. This is nostalgia talking, but I'd love to see them go back to an older style as they have with Call of Cthulhu. Third edition would be my preference... Just using "RQ" for the supplements was an elegant touch.

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5 hours ago, Paid a bod yn dwp said:

For what it’s worth I prefer the previous one. It has more character. New one is fine and very clear, but not as dynamic. Neither of them are bad choices though. 

Like many things, it's impossible to please everyone but l will echo the same opinion. There was a thread a few years ago with some in progress logo and there was a few good one in there (my favourite wasn't selected) but I'm still happy with one of these two. 

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IMHO the previous logo had more character, but it also had several typographic issues, from the optically unpleasant character width differences, the curvature inconsistencies between E, Q, and the bowl on the "R", and so forth. I find the new logo more pleasant to look at (as in: it doesn't trigger my OCD brain as much... only the "U" does that now :) ). I find it more bland, however.

The cover art looks so good that I don't spend too much attention on the logo anyway :) 

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Thank you very much.  Until you pointed it out, I hadn’t noticed how much I dislike the old font for RuneQuest.  Now, when a new edition of RQinG comes out, I will feel compelled to buy it, just because of the font.  And it’s all your fault.  People will go hungry because of this.  I hope you’re satisfied.

On 10/4/2020 at 11:08 AM, Oracle said:

already with the virtual backgrounds

Gosh, also, my Pegasus plateau PDF has the new font, so it’s probably been out for a while.  Interesting that no one noticed (at least to comment on) the logo change till now.  O.k., perhaps almost verging on very slightly interesting…

Anyone know how to set up a poll in the forum, and we can vote on who likes/dislikes the old and new fonts?

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