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Worlds Beyond being reprinted


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23 hours ago, Ethereal said:

... Hopefully it will show up in a local game shop ...

IMO/IME, this isn't likely.

The FLGS is, generally, a low-margin enterprise.  The stores don't have sufficient cash reserves to buy an old old game that's being reprinted, in hopes that it will sell.  They don't have sufficient floor/shelf space to display such items, when better-selling games with substantial publisher-advertising & even cross-media licensing creates public demand.

There is an exception for the FLGS that's run by an old-school gamer with fond memories of his (no sexism intended, but "male" is the overwhelming majority of the profile I'm describing) old chums' WB games, Back In The Day; and maybe even is willing to organize/run some demo games in-store...

That said, I too hope to see it on my local FLGS shelves!


(n.b. - this actually is something YOU (addressing both the hypothetical/generic "you" and also @Ethereal, personally) might help happen:  if *YOU* will organize/run a demo-game (or even a demo-campaign!) at your FLGS, the store may actually get this into stock, so interested players can buy it right then & there; if the new publisher even has a "wholesale price" model or works through a distributor).  More than once, I've had my demo-games result in immediate sales for the hosting store... )

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Unfortunately as an old school gamer, I am older (Not gonna say I am old, but you know how it is.) With the Covid19 restraints, etc. and being older(quit driving) I have not played until recently. Starting last month I went from 0 games to 3 different games each month. 1 on Facetime, my granddaughter's, and 2 on Discord with previous game masters. So I am still learning the medium in which to play. I have not run or played in 'Worlds Beyond' and only briefly played any SF games, just mostly fantasy. I have run Runequest Classic, but the books were available and I bought each player who regularly attended a copy. Non regular players had to acquire their own.

My son for his daughters game did the same. Played one game and it was pleasant. Unfortunately for me it was not a BRP game.

I have however run ‘Future World’ from ‘Worlds of Wonder’. Which to me is kind of like the starter games that have been coming out, including the new Runequest with a short adventure. Because it was such a basic game of the BRP System it was easy for me to add complexity as the game went on. I pulled in various things, concepts, items, races, and action, etc. from other games like ‘Worlds Beyond’, ‘Other Suns’, Ringworld, BGB, even 'Morrow Project'., adapting them to my game without much effort. I ran the game for 26 sessions and the players all said they enjoyed it. If the ‘Worlds Beyond ‘ Game comes with such a starter set, I would tempted to run a short adventure or even a longer campaign.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will wait and see how the game develops and how it is presented.

The Mediums on which I have considered Playing and as Game Master are:

Fantasy Grounds





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