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RuneQuest Collection looking for a good home.

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I played and enjoyed RQ for many years, but I haven't touched any games in 5 years, so I've decided my collection needs a new home.

I can't be bothered to sell it in bits on Ebay and I'd really like it all to go to a good home where it will be loved and appreciated.

Would anyone be interested in taking my collection off my hands? I have some pretty old stuff, some in good condition, some battered.

If this is the wrong forum for this, then apologies.

If its the correct one I'll make a list of what I have.





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Here's the list if anyone is interested:-

Deluxe Hero Wars - pristine
Monster Coliseum – excellent
Dragon Pass – good
Trollpak – good
Elder Secrets – good
Vikings – very good
Troll Gods – good
Gods of Glorantha – well used
Glorantha – well used
King of Sartar- good
River of Cradles – well used
Cults of Prax – well used
Strangers in Prax – good
Cults of Terror – well used
RuneQuest Monsters – good
Advanced RuneQuest – good
Snakepipe Hollow RQ – well used
Plunder – well used
Land of the Ninja – good
Griffin Island – good
RuneMasters – well used
RuneQuest Companion – well used
Duck Pond – well used
Dorastor – well used
RuneQuest 1 Rule book – good but no dust sleeve
Daughters of Darkness – good
Griffin Mountain – good
Basic RuneQuest 3 – good
Tales of the Reaching Moon issues 1-20, first 5 are photocopies plus CODEX 1,2 + best of White Dwarf Scenarios
Lords Of Terror - good
Troll Realms – good
Haunted Ruins – good - 2 copies
Apple Lane RQ3 – good
Wyrms Footprints – good
Eldarad – good
RuneQuest Cities – good
Snake Pipe Hollow RQ3 – good
Heroes RQ issue – good
Shadows on the Borderland – used
Gloranthan Bestiary – good
Sun County – good
Borderlands RQ2 – no box
Book of Uz – no box
Pavis – no box
Big Rubble – no box
Foes – well used
Trolls and Trollkin – used
Creatures of Chaos – well used

Plus some painted RQ miniatures


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