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Smoking Ruins Sketch

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Might be of use if you are using a virtual table top in the unlikely your drawing skills are worse than mine 🙂.

Drawn as there isn't a map without the key and locations marked AFAIK. You can always tell your player that a Eumali with no fingers made a sketch for them.



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After reading through the scenario a few times in detail I think that the map (or descriptions) don't seem to line up.

The 'climbable road' is mentioned as being a way to access the east side of the ruins, but the map has it coming up on the south side to the west of the waterfall. This would mean clambering over the stream and the rubble around it to reach the east side. This is not really what is described (p.76).

I suspect the 'climbable road' should be positioned to the east side of the waterfall, probably the road that led to the Merchant's Gate (Location A).

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