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Drunk posting encounter idea


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(written under the influence of something something)

Big Talking Animal

A Toad/Rat/Spider/Snake that begs the PC to help them.

1. THE GIANT TOAD tells the PC that it is a powerful wizard (or a virtuous princess/prince... who was tricked into kissing the toad, as often happens to royalty), trapped in the toad's stomach. It asks that the PC climb into the toad's mouth and help them get out. It will insist the PC not attack the toad because they might harm the wizard (please leave sharp objects outside).

Option A- If the PC climbs into the Toad's mouth, the toad eats him (clue more giant toads with the voices of various bogus victims calling out for help).

Option B- If the PC climbs in they will find a doorway to another world, where the evil wizard/queen/king will attempt to enslave them.

Option C- If the PC climbs in they will find the hand of the wizard/princess/prince a short ways down the toad's throat. Grabbing on and pulling hard will free the wizard... or not. The PC might get pulled down into the toad's stomach and join the wizard/princess/prince (ST vs. ST to see who get's pulled, unless the PC tied themself off before crawling in). If successfully rescued the wizard/princess will:

Sub option C1. Offer the PC a spell/blessing of their choice.

Sub option C2. Offer to serve as a Patron for the PC (some princesses/princes can do that).

Sub option C3. Attack the PC (turns out the Princess/Prince is a hag/bog devil in disguise!).

Option D- The toad king (because that's who this really is) will promptly swallow the PC and hop away. It will carry the PC off to be part of its boggy harem, a servant in its soggy castle or an swamp serf assigned to raising herds of flies (let's assume the PC will try to escape).


2. A LARGE RAT calls out to a PC and insists they are a powerful wizard/princess/prince who was turned into a rat. If the PC will lovingly kiss it on the lips, the curse will be lifted and return them to normal.

Option A- The rat will bite the PC. It turns out it there is just a clever goblin in the walls, throwing its voice onto an ordinary (or diseased/rabid!) rat. (roll 25% or lower to let the rat be diseased/rabid... or have the PC make a luck roll, maybe it was a wererat!).

Option B- The rat was telling the truth! The wizard will offer a spell or magical aid (or offer to become a Patron if they like the PC enough), The Princess will offer a blessing or to become the PC's Patron (if she really is that virtuous), The Prince will offer the PC a knighthood and some land (but is is close or far away?)

Option C- Before the kiss can happen, the rat will attempt to squirm into the PCs mouth. This is more of a magical situation than a physical one, so POW vs. POW, which the PC is very likely to lose).
If the rat successfully squirms its way in, it will go all the way down to the PCs stomach and begin to possess them... forcing their spirit into the rat (usual possession rules). If the rat's spirit wins...

Sub option C1. The PC is now playing THAT character... which could be a magical rat, a powerful ancient wizard, an evil Queen, an evil King.

Sub option C2. The PC has the option of gnawing its way out of the body its in (likely trapping it in the rat form because its former body is not all chewed up and bled out). Or it can stay in the stomach till it things of something (the rat body cannot be harmed by mundane weapons... or stomach acid).

Option D- The rat was telling the truth (surprise!). The wizard will offer a spell, magical aid, or Patronage. The Princess will offer a blessing or Patronage (again, if she is truly virtuous). The Prince will offer the PC a knighthood and some land (but is is near a war zone?)


3. A REALLY BIG SPIDER tells the PC that they were once a powerful wizard/virtuous princess/valiant prince. They angered a god/fairy/dragon who turned them into a spider. The curse was worded such that they had to spin 1001 victims in its web before the curse would be lifted. The spider tells the PC that they would be the 1001th victim... and if they will just let it spin them in its web the curse will be lifted. They claim they only have to spin the PC up, they promise not to bite/eat them.

Option A- The spider is lying of course. It spins the PC up in its web, bites them and sucks out their liquified internal organs.

Option B- The spider spins the PC into its web. Then, suddenly (or not) the god/fairy/dragon that cursed the spider appears. It lifts the curse (and then kills?) and the spider turns into its true self. Then this wizard/Evil Queen/Evil King will laugh and wave goodbye to the entangled PC... leaving them to find their own way out of the web before something hungry finds them.

Option C- The spider is the familiar of the real Wizard/Evil Queen/Evil King who is creating a web to cast some sort of spell. All the bodies in the web are a form of sacrifice.

Sub option C1. The PC is not the last component and will have to wait for one/two/three more victims to get ensnared in the same trap... this might take a while.

Sub option C2. The PC is whisked off to another realm to serve out their days under the boot of the Wizard/Evil Queen/Evil King (or not).

Sub option C3. The spider is spinning a magical doorway to let the Wizard/Evil Queen/Evil King out of an astral prison (or a mundane prison somewhere). Once they arrive they will drop their control of the spider and it will go about having its dinner (the PC... unless they manage to do something to stop it.)

Option D- The spider was telling the truth! Once the PC is all rolled up in the web, the spider will transform into its true self. The web will fall away and all the forms spun in the web will be set free...

Sub option D1. and ALIVE! This means one thousand random specimens of local wildlife (maybe a farmer's daughter, maybe an angry bandit, maybe the mayor's young son)... will suddenly be swarming. Let's hope there are no lions, tigers or bears! Maybe they're all bats/rats!)

Sub option D2. but except for the PC they are all dessicated corpses. If there are any human victims the PC can loot them.

Sub option D3. and they're almost all the dessicated remains of a sort of rare beetle whose shell is prized by jewelry makers, they're worth a fortune! (but how big was the spider? How big are these beetle shells? Are there more of these 'rare' beetles nearby? Can they fly?)

4. AN ENORMOUS SNAKE tells the PC that it is a magical ring/ribbon/hat pin that the snake has swallowed. If the PC will tell the snake a story that puts it to sleep, they can crawl inside and retrieve it... saving the item from its loneliness.

1. Lying snake! It swallows the PC whole and alive. The PC can try to carve their way out of the snake before they suffocate or get crushed/dissolved in the snake's stomach.

2. The voice is actually that of a not quite as enormous snake that the bigger snake has eaten. It tells the PC that it's actually a wizard who has swallowed a magic whimsy bean that turned it into a very large snake. If the PC will climb down its throat and retrieve the bean the curse wil be lifted. This leads to a series of snakes... each slightly smaller (the PC is shrinking as well, a point of SIZ per snake? If they continue till their SIZ reaches zero they wink out of existence... or turn into a star... or maybe turn into the last snake in the infinite chain of snakes inside the ENORMOUS SNAKE) and each with a different story of why they need the PC to climb inside...
If/when the PC finally decides to give up and leave, they return to the real world at the size they'd been reduced to when they made the decision to turn back.

3. The snake/enchanted item was telling the truth! Figure out what the ring/ribbon/hat pin can do, or what it's worth. Also...

Sub option 3A. The magical item is bossy and makes all sorts of demands on the PC in exchange for its aid.

Sub option 3B. The magical item alters, physically, according to the mood of its bearer... unfortunately this works both ways. (2-way magical mood ring).

Sub option 3C. It's all good! The item is ancient and knows all sort of forgotten lore and the secrets of its former owners... but it won't speak much unless spoken too.

4. The snake/enchanted item is just as self-described. But...

Sub option 4A. Its previous owner is a powerulf wizard/witch/rat demon/evil queen/evil king who will stop at nothing to get it back (and its a big gawdy thing that's attracts attention, and the previous owner has a small army of wizards out tracking it down).

Sub option 4B. It's a very powerful item that attracts a lot of attention from magically sensitive types and various sort of ethereal beings... like a minor god/demon/giant snake wizard that eats magic items.

Sub option 4C. Not always being fully aware of the current situation. The item sometimes gets bored and absent-mindedly hums/whistles/sings ancient sailing tunes... this can happen at inopportune moments.


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