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Temple Density

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As part of my runequest campaign I've been working on building a random town generator. I'm curious as to what the density of temples is like in dragon pass. I've been going off of the town sizes found in Guide to Glorantha village (<500), town (300-1000), small city (500 - 6000), large city (6000 - 25000), metropolis (25 000 +)

Do villages usually only have shrines? If so, to how many gods? 

Would a town only support one minor temple? How many shrines could be found? 

In small cities, do we start to see major temples? If so how many? Are there minor temples as well?

In large cities how many temples would there be?

I understand a lot of this is down to personal taste and "My Glorantha Will Vary", but I'm curious how other folks, who have spent more time exploring Glorantha,  may have handled this at their game table.

What I have so far... 

Village (1D3 shrines)

Town (50% chance of minor temple) (1d6 shrines)

Small City (1D3 -1 major temple) (1D3 minor temples) (at this point other shrines exist to cover the other worship needs of the community)

Large city (50% chance of temple complex) (1D3 major temples) (1D6 minor temples)  

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If you are taking King of Dragon Pass as your model, the number of temples in a clan is a measure of the clan's wealth. Although, with the forming of the city confederations, the major temples at least for fringe deities are likely to have moved into those cities over the past century.

A clan is almost by definition a minor temple to Orlanth and Ernalda, with possibly a shared holy site, or a few holy sites under control of the temple (like the hilltop for storm rites and the cave for earth rites).


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My reading of the RQG rules has fewer than you indicate above. Villages might have a site or two, but not all. Small towns, such as the average clan seat, would have 2-4 shrines. A large town might have a temple (that also contains associated shrines) and most cities would. Major temples are very rare, occasionally in cities (Jonstown Library), but more often located at holy sites (Clearwine Earth Temple). Cities such as Nochet, Glamour, Pavis would be the only ones with multiple major temples.

This was a surprise to me based on my playing KoDP (though my reaction was that it must be one of many things I was doing wrong in KoDP). I prefer more shrines, myself. But it is going to depend on the number of rune levels and overall worshippers in an area, so if you are randomly determining these things then you could extrapolate from that.

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