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Hello all,

There is another asset for your BRP fix that you may enjoy, https://www.reddit.com/r/BRP/, or just r/BRP for short

There is a good user base, which may already include some of you. Please feel free to visit and join.

There is a lot of support for the forums at the reddit as well, and is a great addition to your BRP toolkit.

Anyway, it's fun. Thought you guys should know.


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Haha.. I heard about those, beware of bridges! Because what live under a bridge hey? :P 

Thought I wanted to brainstorm my soul searching about new political system sometimes ^_^ 
It's even relevant to Master of Orion, what do those future society look like? Damn if I found a convincing description! 😕 
Going with the half utopia half distopia for now...

The good news is the bad times are over (diet and lifestyle changes) and back into homework :)
Currently BRP+MoO and maybe some programming later...

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11 minutes ago, ThornPlutonius said:


Master of Orion... An old game popular with us oldies. In a few word, it's like Civilisation in space. But exactly 5467 times better! :D
Currently struggling to come up with a nice biotech and cyberware list... Cross referenced by tech level.. 😮 

It's important to make a tech level based table.. 
Not because the player can eventually get higher tech (unlikely and rare) but because it helps flesh out alien civilisation / protagonists, and occasionally reward the player with an exceptional goody! :) 
Maybe they can even find a super advanced wreck... and dominate their neighbourhood with it! ^_^ (while it still runs...)

11 minutes ago, ThornPlutonius said:

Congratulations for making the needed changes and finding your way out of the bad times!

Thanks! It almost took half a century.. 😕 but here you go, better late than never! :D 

Edited by Lloyd Dupont
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