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So there's a Latvian movie, '(The) Baltic Tribes'  that's available on Prime that might be of interest to anyone looking for inspiration/setting guidance  for either CoC  'Dark Ages'  or  'RuneQuest' (or the 'Crusaders of the Amber Coast' for BRP). 

It's a kind of 'cinematic documentary'  that follows a Danish trader through the pagan lands of  the Prussians and Balts during the early 13th century. 

There's no dialogue per see, just  someone reading the trader's first-person account, interspersed with with a  narrator providing a kind of historical back-ground overview: and its not likely that anyone is going to get too invested in the narrative.

But you might pick up a few details that you could use in your own games (such as the  the trader's guide,  after he saves the traders party from hostile tribes-people by leading them through sacred woods,  atoning for his violation of taboo  by cutting off his hair, short hair indicating someone who occupies servile status).




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I'm still researching and writing it Hierophant.. and I've got rather side-tracked with Anglo-saxons .. but I will get back to it soonish

I am continuing to gather materials and ideas and I have lots of notebooks full of stuff .. some of the Þáttr blogs relate to stuff I've been thinking about

When I actually type it I'm happy to share it with you and perhaps we can play test it.. and even if you want you want to think about some collaboration?

we use Zoom for the games


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