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Camelot and Player Agency

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It's the year 519, and I'm thinking of letting one of the knights who has basically retired head up the royal commission that is searching for a new capital.

Any problems you see with Camelot not being at Winchester? I was thinking of shortlisting a set of cities - each with advantages/disadvantages and letting the players run with it. Hopefully it will give them more of a feeling of engagement with Camelot in the game, as well as giving me another avenue for adventures if they choose somewhere with some disadvantages.

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Part of the reason Salisbury is the default location for PKs is because it's close enough for visits to Winchester-Camelot but far enough away that it doesn't stop being special. That's a consideration you might want to have in mind for placing it, but other than that there's no reason you can't put it somewhere else if you'd like.

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3 hours ago, merlyn said:

I've thought that one drawback to making Winchester Camelot is that Winchester was a prominent town in Roman, Saxon, and Norman times, thus taking away the sense of Camelot as uniquely Arthur's, the "brief shining moment" factor.

Perhaps, but most of the alternate locations that have been presented (Cadbury, Caerleon) have the same problem. Logistics pretty much ensure that any place that could have been Camelot would have been a prominent city or town. Unless you put it somewhere in Faerie.

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