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Expansion dice set

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Not much use honestly.  Random runes are not a thing, and the strike rank die can be used to keep track of the strike rank, but I would look at the Infinity-Engine strike rank tracker if you playing with that level of tactical granularity, which these days, even I am not.


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Rune die is sometimes used on genuinely-random encounters... "OK, this group of bandits will have a Darkness slant"

Or for situational random decisions, inspirations, etc.

SR tracker has never struck me as very useful, honestly...  I just use notes at the top of a page.

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You get a lot of D12s if you buy the dice sets (with a "SR Tracker" plus a normal D12 in each set), and they're not used that much in RuneQuest. We've sometimes used them to mark players' strike ranks. (Put the D12 from your dice set in front of you, set to the SR on which your next action comes off)

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8 hours ago, allenowen said:

Obviously, I know what the hit location die is used for, but what is the Rune die and the Strike Rank die for?

I use the rune die for encounters, or for randomly see what rune the encounter is to associated with. 

The Strike Rank die is for counting Strike Ranks. Note: The numbers are not arranged the same way the normal D12 is*. 
The numbers are placed so on this D12, that you can conventient track at which Strike Rank your combant round is at the moment. 

All three dice are not nesessarry (you can use a regular D20 for the hit locations and look at the table in the book or on your chacter sheet; you can use a regular D20 and use a table for rolling up runes; you can use a regular D12 for keeping track of the stike ranks), but these three dice make all of this easier on the gaming table. 


* The opposing sides of a die are supposed to sum up to the number of sides + 1, so the opposing sides of a D12 should sum up to 13, but the Strike Rank die is designed to help you counting, so the numbers are arranged differently. 

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