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Runequest and vtt integration

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9 minutes ago, Skurn said:

A solution would be for chaosium to produce their own vtt. Id have thought it would be on their radar what with covid etc. Could be a gold mine if handled correctly. 

The best option is for Chaosium to license / appoint developers for each VTT with a premium store and get a system developed on which they get royalties. IMHO Chaosium is too small and not enough of an IT company to develop a VTT or get a VTT developed. Other shop are much better suited. And as I'm not an insider I wouldn't judge their plan for VTT at this point

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On 10/28/2020 at 5:19 AM, astaroth said:

I have a running "personal" system for Foundry VTT. Even the Character Sheet plus basic automation is not cleared for sharing by Chaosium and so will remain a "private" system.

Unless a license is secured with Chaosium, no compendium will ever be provided on VTT as it would be a clear breach of Chaosium IP. Each person would have to work on their own compendium for their campaign.

I'm confused by this, because there is a character sheet, that does quite a bit of automation, available on Roll20.  I understand about the Compendium issue, just not the Character sheet with automation. 

As for a Compendium, it is available for Call of Cthulu on Roll20, so, it would seem that there is at least a possibility for RuneQuest, although the player base may not( probably is not ) large enough at the moment



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