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The Children of Fear corrections thread

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I have looked at the updated versions of the ”Investigator Handouts and Map Pack”- and ”Keeper Map Pack”-PDFs, and I’m still finding that one of the originally reported errors haven’t been fixed, and I also found a new error/suggestion.

The map ”Central Asia”
There is still no dot by Pemako.
On the Keeper-version of the map, the dot for Danakosha Lake is a lot paler then the rest of the dots. It is basically the same colour as the map, making it kind of hard to see.


Then the rest of all the new errors/suggestions/feedback for the ”Central Asia”-map that i brought up in my last post still apply, so I’m posting them below again for convenience.

The map ”Central Asia”
New errors found on the ”Keeper Map Pack”-version of the map:
- Not sure on how to interpret the ”Suggested path for the post-ritual route”. It kinda seems to be going for a loop around Dibrugarh and Sadiya. Don’t know if this is explained in the adventure, but still wondering if this is correct?

Strange differences between the Keeper-map and the Investigator-map:
- There are two locations that only the Keeper-map version has. One of these locations are located next to Patna and Rajgir, called Nalanda.
- The other one are located slightly northeast of Pasighat, called Danakosha Lake.
- Are any of these two locations supposed to be added to the Investigator-map version as well? I don't know if they are only on the Keeper-version because of the ”Suggested path for the post-ritual route”. But to me, Nalanda doesn't even seem to be on that route. But Danakosha Lake does seem to be at one of the ends of that route.

Difficult to interrept the Keeper-map version:
- I find it next to impossible to see a difference between the River Roads and Land Roads on this map. I interrept it as the River Roads are to have a slight blue tint "covering" them, according to the Key. It doesn't help that most of the Land Roads and River Roads are also covered by the yellowcolored pre-ritual route. Am I interrepting it correctly that the only River Road that is on the map, is the one between Sian and Chengchow? If that is the case, that is very hard to see, especially with the yellowcolored pre-ritual route covering it.

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Good morning,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The free packs on the main Chaosium web page are in the process of being updated; all of the map packs that come with the pdf purchase are up to date.

There are currently two versions of the Investigator Handouts and Maps pack on Itch - the old one and the new one; the old one is at the top of the list and we are in the process of removing it - it should be gone by the time I post this. The Keeper Map Pack on Itch will be updated to v1.3 shortly (see following).

Pemako is a region rather than a specific place, so doesn't have a dot. Nalanda and Danakosha Lake have different coloured dots as they are the start and end of the post-ritual route and may or may not be visited by the investigators, depending on what happens in the campaign. Both are deliberately missing from the investigator map for this reason - so as not to spoil the surprise if it happens. The dot colour has now been altered to remove potential confusion and will be part of the v1.3 packs.

The loop around Sadiya and Dibrugarh is explained in the text.




Edited by Lynne H
Information update
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The 1.2 versions of the PDFs are the ones I looked at, and the only new feedback I have after this, is the following:

The map "Central Asia"
-If Pemako is a region, shouldn't it be written in all Capital letters like the other "regions" on the map?

And i'm really wondering about the River Roads, is there only one River Road on the map, the one between Sian and Chengchow?

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Pg 63 "If the investigators instead to go back to their hotel..." Delete the "to" so should now read as, "If the investigators instead go back to their hotel..."


Pg 72 "(Unless, of course, you count Timur Repin, if he is in use as a pre-generated character)." The full-stop should be within the bracket.


Pg 78 "...the room suspected to the soldier's cave by Warner..." Add "be" so should now read as, "...the room suspected to be the soldier's cave by Warner..."

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Page 159, second paragraph, line 5: "It may prove to easier" should be "it may prove to be easier"

Page 171, fourth paragraph of first column, line 6: "should conducted" should be changed to "should be conducted"

page 171, second column, last paragraph, line 7: "a pathological belief than one has sinned" should be "a pathological belief that one
has sinned."

Page 178, second column, Keeper note section, line 5: "it is suggest that" should be "it is suggested that"

Page 181, sidebar, first column, paragraph 2, line 8: "should ask each investigators for an INT roll" > investigator should be singular

Page 181, sidebar, first column, paragraph 2, line 15: "fumbled and failed pushed roll" should be "fumbled or failed pushed roll" ?

Page 184, second column, "attacks per round" section in middle of page: "club as soon as soon as she is"


Edited by klecser
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Page 190, "An Age of Exploration" section, a little over halfway down: "A determined explorer could gain access to the country with relatively little difficulty, trusting
to good fortune that afterward, they would not be caught and expelled before they reached their goal." 

I find this to be a bit of an awkward sentence, largely because if you remove the middle portion, the first and last clause does not read as a complete sentence. I'm not an editor, and I will always defer to editors, but it seems like a little work on it would fix that.

Page 193, first column, last paragraph. This "paragraph" is just one long epic sentence with a lot of commas. I think it could be broken up?

The following paragraph also begins with one long sentence.

The last paragraph of this page likewise has a long sentence with lots of clarifiers in parentheses. Once again, I'm not an editor by trade, but I've also been taught that it is always better to split up these long sentences. As a reader, it is a challenge to juggle a sentence of that length in one's head. I think wherever there is a clarifier, it might be prudent to just start a new sentence after it?

I defer to professional editors in regards to these issues.



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