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How have you handled the harvest of 1625 in your campaign?

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No, I didn't see that as having a negative effect on farmers or farmland in my clan (Hiording). I could see some reasons why it could:

  • The clan is adjacent to Boldhome.
  • The clan had more than a few losses in the Dragonrise, disrupting the harvest.
  • The clan is north of Dangerford where Lunar troops would be living off the land, as it were.
  • The clan had a large lunar troop contingent that wasn't killed in the Dragonrise and that cleared out their storehouses before fleeing north.
  • You want it to. :)

And I ignored the premise in the book that the omens for 1625 were negative because of the Dragonrise. Negative and positive are relative and I think Sartarites were in general pleased with the events of 1625.

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