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BRP Imperial China - names of skills


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I am currently translating the names of the skills, and since I am not a native speaker, I would like some advice.

One of the skills corresponds to one's ability to fight in the dark, against an invisible foe, or blindfolded. How could I call this skill? 'instinctive combat'? 'blindfighting'?

One of the skills covers combat with a ribbon, or with the clothes' sleeves (often by women -- a staple of wuxia pian). How could I call this skill? 'sleeve combat'? :confused:

One of the skills covers the ability to deflect missiles. 'Deflect missiles'? Sounds more like a spell than a skill...

One of the skills covers the ability to combat in impossible situations, such as on a flexible bamboo limb, on a rope, on a scaffolding that is about to crash (also a staple of wuxia pian). 'Impossible balance'?

One of the skills corresponds to one's ability to impress incredible strength into one's blow, thus projecting the adversary with an incredible knockback. How could I call this skill? 'super strength'? (lousy) 'heroic knockback'? :confused:

I welcome suggestions!

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I like "Blindfighting" (it's been used before for this, but that's a plus I think)

RIbbon Combat: This is exotic enough that you might get away with using the original name (if it's close to pronounceable). One or two skills with the original name can add a lot of flavor (overdo it and the game is unplayable). I like using Ribbon instead of Sleeve (more poetic). "Ribbonspar" "Ribbon Fight" All of these are descriptive but not very cool sounding

I'd go with "Missile Dodge." This takes it to the 'skill' category rather than 'spell'

I like "Impossible Balance" a lot.

I think you need something evocative and poetic for the powerful blow. "Iron Fist" "Killing Blow" "Fist of Thunder" even the old AD&D "Power Attack" is ok.

All of these are one guy's opinion. I'll be curious to see others' comments, and what you come up with.

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I'm curious, what are the literal translations of the Chinese terms ?

Arrow cutting is called yadome-jutsu (矢止術) in Japanese; I don't know its Chinese name, but the same characters would be pronounced shǐzhǐshù in Chinese, translated as 'skill of repealing arrows'.

As for the other skills, unfortunately, I don't know their names, since this is all stuff I have taken from too much time spent watching wǔxiá piàn :) and not from written sources.

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Are these skills appropriate to a realistic setting?


I've seen two or three of these done in Kung Fu demonstrations and have seen incredible pushes using Chi manipulation, so why not?

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from what I remember, fighting with the clothes' sleeves, was generally translated into English as "loaded sleeve combat" since the sleeve is "loaded" with a metal or stone ball. . . . As I remember during the Warlord era in the 1920's a chinese mob was about to attack some western missionary nuns but noticed at the last minute that something was weighing down their sleeves. The cry went up "run! they've got loaded sleeves!" and the mob fearing deadly loaded sleeve fighting dispersed. But in actuality the nuns only had their wood prayer beads in their sleeves and didn't even know about loaded sleeve combat. :cool:

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Just my whimisical suggestions

Bat ji shu (blindfighting)

Octopus ji shu (ribbons/loaded sleeves)

Jumping Spider ji shu (arrowcutting)

Scorpion ji shu (powerful strike thing)

Goat Ji shu (balance)

I like them but... I was looking for non-whimsical names!

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