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The RQG campaign I was a player in reached its finale last night, and it involved Ethilrist centrally.  In our Glorantha he was convinced at the Second Battle of Moonbroth that Argrath was going to bring about the doom of Glorantha.  Our characters had been sent on earlier operations with Ethilrist and his troop by the Feathered Horse Queen, during which his blasé attitude towards what we regarded as terrible dangers (he nearly threatened to smash a True Dragon's egg before a tailed priest while we were with him) gave us a healthy wariness of him.

In early 1628, when the joint armies of Sartar and Prax were mustering under Leika Black-Spear and her consort Argrath to settle accounts in Tarsh, Ethilrist set in motion a scheme to cripple both sides and remove Argrath from the board.  He and his sorcerers developed a spell, fueled by the forced veneration of Muse Roost's peasant population, to rouse the dragon of the Oslir River, whose true name both Ethilrist and our player characters learned while working together.  Their plan was to raise the dragon's jaws beneath all of Kordros Island in Tarsh during the height of the fighting around Dunstop to swallow all the combined forces and heroes of the White Bull movement, Sartar and Lunar Tarsh.  He managed to keep his intentions secret from his intended victims, and began the Battle of Dunstop on the Sartarite side, leading his Black Horse Troop and magically arrived Waertagi allies.

Back in Sea Season the player characters, all members of the city ring of a new settlement on the eastern edge of the Grazelands, were invited to a Western-style tourney at Muse Roost, and managed to gain Ethilrist's trust sufficiently that he obliquely revealed some of his plan, after swearing us into his confidence.  Through previous interactions with dragons and dragonewts our characters had learned enough to anticipate manipulation of the Oslir dragon, and were already making preparations to visit the God Time and prevent them.  In a heroquest that stretched on for weeks in the mortal world a few of our characters ventured into the Greater Darkness gods' realm, where where they cut deals with Shargash, entered under the Dome, visited the Hill of Gold, and finally ascended Yelm's Footstool.  Previous heroquests undertaken by our characters had revealed that Yelmalio had once coupled with Xentha, the Night, to father Argan Argar.  My troll character, portraying Argan Argar in the God Time, claimed the right to take the Ten Tests and be acknowledged Emperor of Dara Happa on that basis.  Our questers dethroned Kazkurtum, the Empty Emperor, and my troll (an illuminate of the House of Black Arkat, transformed into a human through Argan Argar magic for the occasion) took the throne to summon Oslir as the rightful emperor.

She did not come.  In the Middle World, the battle of Dunstop had reached its height.  Ethilrist began the sorcerous shaping that would raise the Oslir's jaws beneath Kodros island as his troops and Waertagi turned on their erstwhile allies and drove for Heruvernalda, the greatest Earth temple in Tarsh and the only Earth power on the island capable of resisting the waking dragon for long.  Others of our player characters were brought through the hero planes to defend Heruvernalda from inside, rallying the axe maidens and guardian spirits to withstand the Black Horse troop.  Our earth priestess briefly became one with the island to coordinate the Earth power against Ethilrist's dragonrise.  The Oslira did not answer in the Gods Realm because she was being drawn back fully into the Middle World.  Our heroquesters returned from the Gods Realm riding Kargzant down from the Sky, and a ferocious martial and magical battle unfolded at the gates of Heruvernalda.  Our reunited characters managed to throw back the Black Horse troop and sufficiently disrupt Ethilrist's magic that the Dara Happan Emperor's song of power overwhelmed the Western sorcery's claim on the dragon's attention.  The Oslira relaxed her jaws and sunk back into sleep, sparing the island and everyone on it--but not before her great tongue lashed out from the river, wrapped around Ethilrist's waist, and dragged him beneath the water and into her gullet.  Which was poetic, since it was her egg he'd nearly smashed the year before.

In the epilogue of the game we learned that Ethilrist managed to get back to the Underworld after that, but he kept finding his way back to the Middle World blocked.  Old allies refused him, old paths were closed.  His final scene ended when his shade was confronted down there by the chief war spirit of our player characters' community, Igeyorlm, the demigoddess daughter of Shargash and the Oslir dragon.  She brandished her green stone warclub and flashed him her fangs, before presumably dragging him off to her father's hell.  The Black Horses were offered sanctuary at our characters' community, along with as many of their human riders as they cared to bring with them. 

Obviously just my group's version, but that's one way Ethilrist could meet his end in the Hero Wars.

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