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Dark Ages (in)Sanity

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So, I really like Cthulhu Dark Ages, and I'm thinking about running the three adventures in the book this winter. However, there is one optional rule I really don't understand the logic behind. 

So, in Dark Ages, the base skill for Religion and Natural World, if using this optional rule, is 100-POW. And when seeing something that triggers a Sanity check, you roll againt one of these instead. If the check succeeds, Sanity points are lost. A successful check triggers an improvement check then and there.  

Ok, I see the point of using Religion and Natural World, but why is it calculated this way? Why would low POW equal a high skill in Natural World and Religion? Having trouble with the logic here (yes, I know logic wasn't in great supply in the Dark Ages). :)


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Hi Ferretz, I believe a low POW equaling a high skill in these is to maintain the parity with the standard SAN loss method. The Standard meaning a high POW gives you a higher starting SAN and thus easier for your to make SAN rolls.

With this optional method, a low POW gives a higher Natural World/Religion which means it's easier to lose SAN. Conversely a high POW gives a lower Natural World/Religion and thus easier to 'make the SAN roll' for lack of better words.
(So mechanics to maintaing that Dark Ages feel??)

Anyway, just my 2 cents... totally just thinking out loud.

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