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I moved Edge of Darkness to Norway [Spoilers]

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Just completed Edge of Darkness with my group of four investigators. It was really fun,  though not really deadly.

To make the adventure a little more familiar, I translated all the names, handouts and settings, to Norwegian. I used great sources online to find pictures and news clippings etc, from 1920, and used old maps and census to turn it into something that fit with Oslo and put the farm house in an area called "Sørkedalen".

Found scans of old telegrams that I managed to 'shop out the original text, and add my own. Created new handouts with a little bit of programming, to make it easy to put text on custom backgrounds.

I used all real locations, also for library at the university, and the hospital for the initial gathering.

Since we don't have raccoons in Norway, that became a badger.

I also did some changes to the story, based on things I read in misc threads online. When the investigators first meet Rupert, he didn't manage to say much, because he started coughing as soon as they entered the room. Pointed them to a letter and a small key, and just about managed to utter the name of a street, before falling into a coma.

The key had a number of it, and on the street mentioned, there was a bank, so the investigators figured bank box, went down there, only to be followed by Ruperts son. As the investigators struggled to get the bank box opened,  not being family, he barged in, and demanded his fathers things. Only to be met in the box, by a not saying that if continued his non-sense, he would be stripped of all inheritance.

The investigators got the things from the bank, and started their initial investigation. They telegrammed New Oreleans to ask for info on the murder there, and just got a response that all info was sent in copy to the local police department. So they got some info there. 

They drove up to the house, stopping by the little store first, where they got directions by Ma Peters, and was told about the disappearance of whatsherface. Outside the house they didn't look that much around, but found the badger.

My thought before we started was that I could not imagine they would ever decide to look in the attic before exploring anything else, but, since they had heard a sound from the cellar, they imagined that was where the terror would be, and instead one of them stuck his nose up the door to the attic, luckily being able to dodge and only get a tiny bit of damage. As that happened, Red Jake ran up from the cellar, grabbed at his things, but got captured. They managed to get him to talk a bit, and decided it was too late in the day to stay, so asked him if they could drive him anywhere, and went home for the night.

The next they, one of them saw a note in the newspaper about the disappearance, and that it was persumed she was taken by a bear that had been observerd in the area. So, they decided it would be sensible to have some weapons as protection.

They got back, hesitated for a long time with going down into the cellar, and when they did, they were skeptical about the chest. Fearing that the markings on the outside might be to keep something inside it.

While waiting for midnight, one of them explored outside, and found the body. They decided to wait with the reporting to the police, figuring that the lurker was more important to deal with.

Anyway, the rest went more or less according to described. They nailed windows and doors shut before starting. But they had a zombie scare by the farmers wife, but a critical hit with the shotgun, firing off both round, took her head off.

The ritual went well, the got rid of the lurker, with most of their sanity intact, but really struggled afterwards with what to do with the body. What they thought would be tricky to explain before was now a total mess. So.. they burried her in the woods.

Anyway, now I am not quite sure where to take them for the next session. They want to find out more about the Sarcophagous, but I think that will be slow and hard.

I have some scenarios I am considering adapting to Norway, trying to tie them in with the story I have told so far.

On my list of contenders are Blackwater Creek, Test Subjects or some haunted house scenario. But would be nice to find something that can add some continuity to their finds, but at the same time, they are starting an investigator society, and so they might just get tasked with missions, I guess. In between the other stuff.

I had tons of fun, and this was the second scenario I have ever GMed. We did The Haunting a few months back, but I did nothing to change that, and it was a spur-of-the-moment thingy, because our DnD-GM was sick that day.


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Great report. I'm glad you had fun. Edge of Darkness is the prototypical "ritual" scenario, and that isn't a bad thing. It is also one of my favorites. The last time I ran it I plucked it out of America and set it right near Plum Castle UK in Masks of Nyarlathotep to create a subplot. The ritual was performed at the summit of Mam Tor.

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