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Reprints of the Original Cthulhu scenarios ??

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I have a huge love for the very first scenario books for Cthulhu, these first editions turn up on eBay for huge amounts of money! I'd love to have these versions available as PDF/POD, would anyone else like to see these ?

The Asylum
The Fungi from Yuggoth
etc etc

I know new versions were made, but I think the new versions lost the beauty of the originals along the way, the covers were quickly made, the paper was thin, new art was added that did not add anything of quality to the excellent original art, the scenarios were extended, when I was happy with the length and did not need them to drag on and on.

So please can we have PDF/POD of these master pieces once more ?

If they were updated to 7th, then just update the stats amd don't touch anything else, it was perfect :



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There were of their time certainly, and very good (when I put my rose-tinted spectacles on 😀). There was definitely something about their construction, the paper and card covers, the brown text handouts, and so on. 

But enough of that - Helliwell, please keep monitoring the Chaosium radio frequency (mailing list), as there may be something you might like to hear in the coming months.

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