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Alternate Lunar Empire

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In the Life of Moonson thread, someone pointed out all the top sellers at Rpg.net today had a connection to the Moon, so I couldn't help but imagine this. So I slammed Exalted Lunars and the Luna

The Bull Shahs and the Rise of the Blue Moon Empire The Dragonkill opened the opportunity for the Bull Shahs to seize power in Carmania.  They grew strong at conquest and stronger at inhumanity,

It was said (falsely) that King Henry I of England died of a surfeit of eels (it was lampreys).  Is it possible that the Lunar Empire is controlled by a surfeit of Eels? 

The Purple Simian

Imperial Bodyguard

Bobholt is originally from Teshnos; a complex series of enslavements drew him across Pent and ended up dumping him into the Empire, where he came to the Changing Way and discovered he is a Gorilla Hsunchen, very rare in the Empire.  He is accompanied by Beetle the Beagle, a dog spirit, and Imperius, his Gorilla True Animal companion. He liberated Beetle from a Pentan shaman as part of finally escaping slavery.

He then became a gladiator, noted for his bright purple armor and his love of wine.  His fighting skills and his charm made him a favorite and the Moonson plucked him out of the arena and gave him the job of Bodyguard.  

He is fiercely loyal to the Emperor and sometimes uses his abilities to help people who appeal to him for justice.  He is largely outside Imperial politics.  

Beetle the Beagle

Beetle claims to have been an insect spirit 'in his past life'.  Where Bobholt is basically an amiable lug, Beetle is cunning and looks out for Bobholt's interests.  Those who try to exploit his good nature will find a ready foe in Beetle.  It's unusual for a Hsunchen to have a spirit ally of some other animal kind unless they are a shaman, but Beetle, who can physically manifest as a talking dog, says he's a free spirit and does what he wants.  


Once a circus performer, he is now Bobholt's constant companion and backup muscle.  He can perform a variety of strength tricks and acrobatics.  He can juggle babies but is rarely allowed to do so, which frustrates him as it's his best trick.  He and Beetle argue endlessly over which one of them is Bobholt's best friend.  He has a suit of purple armor to match his friend's.  Having hands, Impericus can fight with hand weapons but his hugely potent bite is his best weapon.


Dionor is Bobholt's special weapon, made for him by one of the Imperial wizards, a spear which renders whoever it hits drunk.  As with everything the Purple Simian does, it is purple.  

Little Sister

Bobholt has a very obvious, unreturned crush on Little Sister; everyone and their dog knows it.  He becomes too incoherent around her to do anything about it.

Still A Gladiator at Heart

No longer a competitor, he frequently brings the top gladiators to the Emperor's parties and attends the games when he can.  



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Ducks and the Changing Way

Peloria is woefully short on Ducks, so it wasn't until the conquest of Dragon Pass that Ducks came into the Empire.  Many Ducks embraced the Changing Way, for they already lived in ways compatible with it.  Fishing in the Upland Marsh was always a major component of their lifestyle and farming usually got their crops stolen by raiders anyway.

Ducks now roam the waterways of the Empire in great house boats, trading and fishing.  Some remain in their old homeland, fighting Delicti and hunting marsh monsters.  

This has led to clashes with the Heron People, who prefer the same terrain as the Ducks and, well, Herons like to eat baby Ducklings.  The Heron People don't engage in actual cannibalism (we hope), but the Ducks inherently can't trust them.

Ducks remain organized in extended families known as nests; a group of nests forms a clan and a group of clans forms a tribe.  They continue to organize in a more or less Orlanthi style and still worship some of their old gods, as well as the Blue Moon, the Seven Sailors, and other Blue Moon Gods.  Most notably, the Upland Marsh ducks still swear oaths to Hueymakt, god of Death.

Those Ducks who have undergone the High Challenge regain the power of Flight in their normal form.  (As well as turning into True Ducks to fly)


Duck Masterson, Captain of the Glorious Moonrise

Duck Masterson is a Duck, as you might have guessed.  He is the head of a Nest which hauls grains down the Osilira to the Dara Happan cities and finished goods upriver to the southern provinces.  The Glorious Moonrise is a giant housebarge that would be a sitting duck in a dangerous area but can travel safely on the Osilira. Like any good duck, he enjoys smoking tobacco, but tries to ensure Hazia never gets a hold on is crew and he won't haul it.  He is unusually disciplined for a member of the Changing Way;  

In the Empire, Argan Argar is the dominant trade god and has many non-Troll worshippers.  He is only an initiate, but that suffices to aid his trade dealings.  (He's also an initiate in the Changing Way.)  Duck is a wheeler-dealer who sometimes gets in over his head because he's not always as clever as he thinks he is.

Duck is always looking to hire guards for his ship because the last set of guards couldn't take any more shenanigans.

Grod the Ernaldahunter

Grod is a bitter, angry Duck who is a Rune Lord of Hueymakt and uses it to hunt down Ernalda worshippers for the Empire.  The greatest moment of his life was the sacking of the Clearwine Temple.  He now storms around Dragon Pass in the name of the Earthhunters, trying to root out Ernalda worshippers.  Other Hueymakt runelords are annoyed with him for focusing on Ernalda instead of the dead, but several of his siblings were turned into scrambled eggs by a callous priestess as a punishment on his clan and he's going to avenge them.

Peridot the Lucky

Peridot is a cheerful Duck woman, a priestess of the Blue Moon, who wanders the Empire, preaching the glories of the Blue Moon.  She entirely funds herself by gambling; her luck with anything random is incredible, due to her Luck rune.  Most people assume she is eventually headed for a disaster when all that good luck is balanced out.  But she just trips lightly through life, her luck always sustaining her.  This irritates a lot of less lucky people and she's left many towns just slightly ahead of an angry mob.  


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