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RuneQuest Rules Q&A


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This is a thread whose purpose is specifically to collate questions to (potentially) address in future Rune Fixes columns, or as official corrections. Rules questions about the following products are accepted here:

First and foremost, it cannot be stressed enough that the rules are guidelines for the gamemaster and must occasionally need to be interpreted when a question arises. No set of rules can accommodate every permutation and interaction between the various sub-systems, nor should they.

When there’s an potential conflict or unclear area, it is the gamemaster’s job to adjudicate, revising later if necessary. When in doubt, make a decision and move on.

The play is the thing, not getting it “right”.

Please post your entries in the form of a single simple, direct question, with references.

Please take any arguments, complaints or discussion to another thread. 

Before you post, please make sure that you have:

Please note that the RuneQuest Core Rules Questions I thread has been transferred to the RuneQuest Glorantha Corrections and Q&A which is searchable.

  • Please be aware that, Sorcery is presented to allow Lhankor Mhy adventurers to be created. Future supplements will detail sorcerers from other cultures and provide more details of the sorcery system.

New answers in this thread are moved to the Q&A when a full page is reached.

When in doubt, make a decision and move on.

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 12/20/2020 at 9:16 PM, Oracle said:

Does a PDF for the Second Printing of RuneQuest:Roleplaying in Glorantha exist?
If I look at my orders at Chaosium's web site, I still see only the PDF for the First Printing.

Yes. It's now available on our webstore and DrivethruRPG. Please download from your accounts.

Please note there is a Clarifications, Corrections and Additions update here:

CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Second Printing Clarifications, Corrections and Additions 1.0.1

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A small axe does Slashing damage, and p. 203 states that a throwing axe doesn't do impaling damage. The weapon table on p. 212 states damage typ for throwing axe (same weapon as small axe) as Impaling, though. Would it be correct to assume that the damage type should be Slashing and the weapon table is in error?

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  • 5 weeks later...

I was about to ask for confirmation of ...

Bestiary page 10 (and page 31)

The hit point breakdown for Centaurs seems rather high in the printed edition.

... but when I loaded the PDF to do a cut&paste I see the numbers look more reasonable (though there still seems to be a discrepancy on page 31, presuming both are based upon "average" centaurs

Page 10:


Location           D20      HP
Right Hind Leg     01–02    4
Left Hind Leg      03–04    4
Hindquarter        05–06    6
Forequarter        07–08    6
Right Foreleg      09–10    4
Left Foreleg       11–12    4
Chest              13–14    6
Right Arm          15–16    4
Left Arm           17–18    4
Head               19–20    6

Page 31


Centaur Hit Locations
Location          D20         Armor/HP
Right Hind Leg    01–02       1/6
Left Hind Leg     03–04       1/6
Hindquarter       05–06       1/9
Forequarter       07–08       1/9
Right Foreleg     09–10       1/6
Left Foreleg      11–12       1/6
Chest             13–14       2/9
Right Arm         15–16       2/6
Left Arm          17–18       2/6
Head              19–20       3/7

I'm thinking both the PDF page 10 table, and a corrected page 31 table, are candidates for


(that's the first place I looked for corrections -- only stumbled on the page 10 change as stated above)

RQ2/Classic only gives them a 5pt head for baseline.

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On 7/7/2021 at 6:34 AM, lordabdul said:

A few more clarifications on bound spirits... (yes I know 🙂 )

  • "Also, a control spell supersedes the innate control held over an entity bound into an item." (p250) This is, I think, for transferring the "innate control" from one person to another, but whoever casts this control spell still has to fit the Conditions placed on the Enchantment, right?

Yes. A person effectively owns the spirit inside a binding item, that is until someone else casts a control spell on that spirit. This wrest control of it away from the owner. Always put conditions on your binding enchantments.

On 7/7/2021 at 6:34 AM, lordabdul said:
  • Is there a way to punch through the Conditions? I suppose not


On 7/7/2021 at 6:34 AM, lordabdul said:
  • , and you have to Dispel/Dismiss/Neutralize the Binding Enchantment

It's permanent, POW was spent creating it.

On 7/7/2021 at 6:34 AM, lordabdul said:
  • The Q&A mentions that the "Control (Entity)" spirit magic spell can be used as an alternative to a Command Rune spell (such as Command Cult Spirit). But the "Control (Entity)" spell seems specific to the case of having just beaten a spirit in spirit combat and reduced its MP to zero. Does this spell also apply to controlling a bound entity, in which case should the spell description be errata'ed?

After you have the spirit bound it's much easier to control. Cast the spell and either allow automatic commanding or POW vs POW. With animal versions, it's simpler too. 

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37 minutes ago, Glyph said:

Just seen something on the Well that seems inconsistent.


It makes more sense to me for the research to be based on the max stat rather then the maximum plus the minimum that can be rolled.

Please note that generating the roll for characteristic increase does not mention species maximum.

As a GM you are free to change it to species maximum.

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6 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:

1/ If a warrior's thane is responsible for maintaining the warrior's SoL, how does a warrior spend his income?

Note that income can support a family of two adults and two children. If the supported warrior is single and not supporting their aged parents, assume that they have a disposable income for training, goods, and drinking. A sensible warrior will be buying livestock and saving... A soon as they have a family this all changes. They will be hoping to maintain their family to a good standard. Given a cow costs 20L, it will take a few years to get a herd equivalent to a hide.

6 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:

2/ A farmer with a hide would have about 4 L of discretionally income at the end of a year. He or she would be paying taxes and tithes shelling out for expenses such as food, clothing, repairs etc. 

How much discretionary income does a warrior have remaining after paying out his expenses? 

Single Warrior with no family to support - all of it. You eat at the thanes table, they clothe you, shelter you. You buy the occasional shiny weapon, and bits of fancy armour. You donate money to the temple for rune spells and spirit magic. You gift cows to temple to pay for a votive image.

Warrior with to support - none of it. You eat at the thanes table at important events, they clothe you (but not your family). You likely have your own dwelling. Your remaining money goes to better your family. You likely carry some lunars in cash to pay for stuff when you need too.

My players are supported by the Thane of Apple Lane. They use their Loyalty Thane to have him pay for beer / other expenses outside of their direct work role.

Overall this is a GM / player interaction. Once the equipment book comes out you'll see what else you can spend your money on.

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10 hours ago, lordabdul said:

I would strongly suggest that a formal errata/precision (maybe Rune Fixes 3?) be published because I think that the difference between 1MP and 1RP is huuuuge for the many players who feel like using an elemental is too expensive in terms of RPs (especially new PCs who only have 3 RPs)

  • Control (entity) is spell specific to an elemental. For example, an adventurers would need to learn Control Fire Elemental.
  • Control spells are not taught by any cult (except Aldrya), so are only available to cults with Shaman. Currently that's Aldrya, Daka Fal, Kyger Litor, Waha, Yu-Kargzant (ignoring Malia and Thed as they are NPC cults).
  • To learn a specific Control (entity) spell from a shaman, you'd need to find one that's cult friendly and can find the control spell you want. Just because the rule book say they can teach any spirit magic spell doesn't mean they actually can.
  • Overall, Control (entity) is uncommon (unless you are an elf). While command Cult spirit is very common.

Starting adventurers are limited to small elementals.

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18 hours ago, Dragon said:

In the Well of Daliath RQ:G Players Book Q&A, there seems to be a contradiction: (bold used to distinguish commentary from WoD quotes). For Fireblade one Q&A...

I've removed the older answers. They were accidently left in place after the latest one. Thanks for spotting this.

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53 minutes ago, Brian Duguid said:

Not sure if this is the place to ask but ... weapon/attack details are missing for the Giant Honeybees in the Glorantha Bestiary?

Thanks for spotting this omission and yes this is the place:

Weapon                   % Damage SR      HP
Bite*                30          1D6+1D4           7      -
Sting*                30          1D6+1D4   7      -
*A bee can both bite and sting in the same melee round.The sting injects poison with a POT equal to one half the bee’s CON score. It can also impale (see description above).
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6 minutes ago, Arcadiagt5 said:

Multispell query:

An adventurer is using Multispell-1 to prep arrows in advance with Multimissile (touch, temporal, passive which I interpret to mean that the spell can be cast on an arrow to be used up to 10 rounds later)

Yes - This spell can be cast onto a missile: the spell works (once only) if the missile is used any time within the spell’s duration.

If my adventurer has an arrow and casts multimissile with 5 mps, it goes off at SR1 + 4 (5-1).

now with Multispell 1

If my adventurer has an two arrows and casts two multimissiles with with 5 mps, both go off at SR1 + 4 (5-1). 

6 minutes ago, Arcadiagt5 said:

Does he, on the same strike rank:

  • make two Spirit Magic casting rolls to cast the two Multimissile spells on the two arrows, or

Yes. Each spell is separate and you need to cast multispell (three rolls in total)

6 minutes ago, Arcadiagt5 said:
  • One Spirit Magic roll because it is now considered to be a single spell action affecting two arrows?


In my example it be worth casting multimissile with (12-DEX SR) mps, it goes off at 12, but only one roll.

As in all cases GMs may make their own rulings, some may rule that only the Multispell roll is needed (plus attack rolls), others may rule that all the spirit magic if identical is one roll only - however there is only one specific example of this (disruption).

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Here is one that puzzles me. What cult spirit might a Waha Shaman summon...


Summon (Cult Spirit)
Rune varies depending on cult spirit
1–3 Points (depending on cult spirit)
Summon, Ranged, Temporal, Stackable
This spell lets the caster ask their deity to send a cult spirit to their aid. The size of the spirit depends on the number of Rune points stacked for the spell. As a rule, greater deities have more sizes and types of cult spirits. The summoned entity arrives at the end of the round, on strike rank 12.
This spell may be cast simultaneously with Command (cult spirit) (page 30).
Summon Elemental is a specific example of this spell, but many other variants exist. Chalana Arroy cultists use this spell to summon a healing spirit, and Engizi cultists use this spell to summon a naiad of the Creekstream River.
See the Glorantha Bestiary, pages 169–182, for examples of cult spirits.

A second question....
Parenthetical spells usually are for one species of entity. Is this true here. Choice to be made at initiation or...
Does Waha have special entities like CA or Engizi?

Edited by Bill the barbarian

... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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