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RuneQuest Rules Q&A


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If want to report mistakes or ask questions about our RuneQuest Glorantha products, this is the thread. Question and Answers where appropriate will end up here as official corrections. Although centred around RuneQuest, corrections and questions about the Guide to Glorantha (GtG) and the Glorantha Sourcebook (GS) are welcome too. The current product line is:

First and foremost, it cannot be stressed enough that the rules are guidelines for the gamemaster and must occasionally need to be interpreted when a question arises. No set of rules can accommodate every permutation and interaction between the various sub-systems, nor should they.

When there’s an potential conflict or unclear area, it is the gamemaster’s job to adjudicate, revising later if necessary. When in doubt, make a decision and move on.

The play is the thing, not getting it “right”.

Please post your entries in the form of a single simple, direct question, with page references.

Please take any arguments, complaints or discussion to another thread. 

Before you post, please make sure that you have:

  • the most up-to-date version of the book and/or PDF.
  • checked the book and rules fully.
  • Checked the RuneQuest Glorantha Corrections and Q&A
  • Please be aware that, Sorcery is presented to allow Lhankor Mhy adventurers to be created. Future supplements will detail sorcerers from other cultures and provide more details of the sorcery system.

New answers in this thread are moved to the Q&A when a full page is reached.

When in doubt, make a decision and move on.

Jason Durall talks about using the rules here:



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  • 2 weeks later...
On 12/20/2020 at 9:16 PM, Oracle said:

Does a PDF for the Second Printing of RuneQuest:Roleplaying in Glorantha exist?
If I look at my orders at Chaosium's web site, I still see only the PDF for the First Printing.

Yes. It's now available on our webstore and DrivethruRPG. Please download from your accounts.

Please note there is a Clarifications, Corrections and Additions update here:

CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Second Printing Clarifications, Corrections and Additions 1.0.1

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A small axe does Slashing damage, and p. 203 states that a throwing axe doesn't do impaling damage. The weapon table on p. 212 states damage typ for throwing axe (same weapon as small axe) as Impaling, though. Would it be correct to assume that the damage type should be Slashing and the weapon table is in error?

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  • 5 weeks later...

I was about to ask for confirmation of ...

Bestiary page 10 (and page 31)

The hit point breakdown for Centaurs seems rather high in the printed edition.

... but when I loaded the PDF to do a cut&paste I see the numbers look more reasonable (though there still seems to be a discrepancy on page 31, presuming both are based upon "average" centaurs

Page 10:


Location           D20      HP
Right Hind Leg     01–02    4
Left Hind Leg      03–04    4
Hindquarter        05–06    6
Forequarter        07–08    6
Right Foreleg      09–10    4
Left Foreleg       11–12    4
Chest              13–14    6
Right Arm          15–16    4
Left Arm           17–18    4
Head               19–20    6

Page 31


Centaur Hit Locations
Location          D20         Armor/HP
Right Hind Leg    01–02       1/6
Left Hind Leg     03–04       1/6
Hindquarter       05–06       1/9
Forequarter       07–08       1/9
Right Foreleg     09–10       1/6
Left Foreleg      11–12       1/6
Chest             13–14       2/9
Right Arm         15–16       2/6
Left Arm          17–18       2/6
Head              19–20       3/7

I'm thinking both the PDF page 10 table, and a corrected page 31 table, are candidates for


(that's the first place I looked for corrections -- only stumbled on the page 10 change as stated above)

RQ2/Classic only gives them a 5pt head for baseline.

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16 hours ago, Dragon said:

Not positive if this is the correct place to note an error, as it is not the Red Book of Magic itself, but the Rune Spell Reference additional download.

Yes this is the place, I've added the Rune Spell Reference to the initial post.

16 hours ago, Dragon said:

In the Rune Spell Reference, the spell Arrow Trance is listed in Fire/Sky spells correctly. It is erroneously missing from Plant Spells, and is erroneously included in Truth Spells.

I mentioned it in another thread, and the author agreed. He stated that I would have to notify you as he had turned over the source materials to Chaosium control. I just wasn't sure where.

I find the Reference quite handy, and appreciate the work that went into it. Thank you.

Thanks for spotting this. We will correct it asap.

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Weight of the Bolg?

In RQG (p. 151), 300 Bolgs weighs 1 Enc, or individually just above half the weight of a Clack or a Lunar (160 C/L per Enc).

In the Guide (p. 12), a Bolg weighs 5 times as much as a Clack/Lunar/Guilder (1 troy oz. instead of 0.2 troy oz.), which seems sensible given that it's also depicted as much more chunky than the coins. Is the weight given in RQG for Bolgs in error (with just one 0 too many), as five times the weight would result in a reasonable 30 Bolgs per Enc, and 30 x 1 Troy oz (31.1 g) ≈ 1 kg? 


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The family tree on p.21 In the Gamemaster Adventure book from the Gamemaster Screen Pack seems to be incorrect in at least one if not in several places.

First the obvious one: Korlmhy the Priest, son of  Kerreneth, father of Kallai Rockbuster, Grandfather of Kangharl “Blackmoor” is mentioned two times in the Gamemaster Adventure book, both times in the Colymar Kings List on p.12. But in the family tree on p.21 his name is listed as 'Kolmhy the Priest':

As Kallai is listed in King of Sartar in several places as 'Kallai Korlmhysson', I suppose, that 'Korlmhy' is correct, and 'Kolmhy' is wrong.

And speaking of 'Kolmhy': The family tree on p.21 also lists a Kolmhy, son of Kallai as the Tribal King from 1615-1625. But it also lists Kangharl, son of Kallai as Tribal King from 1615-1625:

Two Tribal Kings in the same time frame? I do not thing so. Also Kolmhy is not mentioned at all in the Gamemaster Adventure book except for this entry in the family tree, especially not in the Colymar Kings List (whereas Kangharl is). Neither does this name appear in the Glorantha Sourcebook nor in King of Sartar nor in the Guide to Glorantha.

So far the only place, that I'm aware of, where a similar name ('Korlmhy') appears in the context of the Colymar tribe in this time frame, is a comment from Jeff on Facebook in July 2021, (which is also available in the Well of Deliath in the Leika Blackspear section). But everything Jeff tells us here about Korlmhy, I have known up until now to be stories about Kangharl. Even the nickname "Blackmor" is used here, which is quite similar to Kangharl's nickname listed in the Colymar Kings list on p.12.

So all in all this leads to the following possible interpretations:

  • the "Kolmhy, Tribal King" entry in the family tree on p.21 is incorrect, and the "Kangharl" entry should be moved here. (That's my assumption at the moment.)
  • Kolmhy and Kangharl are the same person. In this case the family tree on p.21 needs to be corrected too.
  • Kolmhy and Kangharl are indeed two different persons. In this case a lot of history about this Kolmhy (or Korlmhy according to Jeff) is missing.

So I think, the family tree on p.21 is also incorrect regarding the children of Kallai and needs to be corrected.
But even if I'm wrong here some clarification would be highly appreciated.

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12 hours ago, Alex said:

as by the letter of the rules that case is not covered there:  it specifically says "a successful POW vs. POW resistance roll."



As the initial post says, 

Before you post, please make sure that you have:

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12 hours ago, trystero said:

Reporting a typo (not rules-related, but possibly a source of confusion) in the corrected second-printing RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha rulebook. On p. 319, in the last sentence of the Bear's Strength spell description, "Odalya" should be corrected to "Odayla". (It had the correct spelling in the first printing.)

Thanks for spotting this. I'll add this to the Q&A pages, which will be used when a new printing is assembled.

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On 10/15/2021 at 2:12 AM, Squaredeal Sten said:

Regarding p.315, initiates worshiping with an associated cult on the associated cult's high or seasonal holy day:

Does the worshiper get the Sacred Dates bonuses, considering that "the deity' is not their own deity?

No. Page 316:


An adventurer gets a bonus to their Worship skill by performing the ritual upon a date sacred to the deity

Their worship (Deity) is not the same as the deity on who's day they are worshipping.

On 10/15/2021 at 2:12 AM, Squaredeal Sten said:

Do they get the 'sacred places" bonus, considering that the place is not sacred to their own deity?

No. Again their worship (Deity) is not the same as the deity they are worshipping in that place.

On 10/15/2021 at 2:12 AM, Squaredeal Sten said:

Does the initiate not have a chance at all on the associated cult's minor holy days?

No. Minor Holy Days do not usually include the associate deities of a god to a degree that they would be able to receive benefits.

As usual a GM may alter these rules to suit their own game.

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On 10/16/2021 at 12:05 AM, Squaredeal Sten said:

So how do we handle the effect of this acid?

Use these rules based on Vomit Acid in the Red Book of Magic, page 102:


The acid produced is enough to cover much of a human-sized target, affecting any three contiguous hit locations on such a target (fewer if the target is larger than human size, at the ruling of the gamemaster).

The acid automatically hits any target to the front of the attacker and is in normal melee range, striking attacks as if it were a special success. The target can dodge the acid with a special Dodge roll. A successful parry means the parrying shield (or weapon) and the parrying limb are two of the three locations hit. Special or critical parries have no effect on the damage from the acid.

The acid deals its POT in damage separately to each location hit. Armor and protection spells reduce damage from the acid, but Countermagic (page 111) has no effect. The Acid POT damage is applied to weapons, shields, and armor. A flask of poison will likely only hit one location.

GMs should tailor this attack to suit their encounter, eg. give it an attack % or keep automatic, more or less contiguous hit locations, limit range, etc. So an elephant Broo might spit acid in a volume large enough to cover 5 contiguous hit locations, while a small chaotic rubble runner might only cover two.

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On 10/16/2021 at 4:25 AM, trystero said:

The introductory sentence in the Two-Weapon Fighting section of Rune Fixes 2 is a run-on:

To make this grammatical and sensical, either delete everything after "gamemasters" or (preferably) delete everything before "another".

Missing word added as correction:


Two-weapon fighting (dual wielding) is another of those issues that seems clear enough on paper to the designers and yet confounds many players and gamemasters. Here are the rules for two-weapon fighting (RuneQuest, pages 224–225).


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17 hours ago, lordabdul said:

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories, the NPC page 172 has two magic crystals that have both a bound spirit each and have their POW storage count towards the NPC's magic point total. Should this NPC have 53 magic points instead of 71 ?

Yes. Thanks for spotting this. I'll add this to the Q&A pages, which will be used when a new printing is assembled.

  • 16 own
  • 13 allied
  • 14 bound 1
  • 10 bound 2
  • ---
  • 53 Total
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38 minutes ago, Gavin said:

Controlling a summoned elemental (entity)

So the other day one of the PCs cast Summon Cult Spirit (Air Elemental)  and summoned an Air Elemental

They then cast Command Cult Spirit and won the POW v POW. They then "sent it off" to attack some of the NPCs

One of the NPCs (a shaman) then cast Control Entity. Beat the Elemental is Spirit combat, and sent it back at the PC

As long as it was Control (Air Elemental)

38 minutes ago, Gavin said:

The PC still has Command Cult Spirit, so I made them re-roll a Pow v POW roll to wrestle control back.

Basically the elemental ping ponged back and forth - is this right or is it that once you have control of it it cant be "stolen"

Yes, the shaman has wrestled control from the controlling summoner and has forced it back on its caster. The Command Cult Spirit is still active so they need to wrest control from the shaman. Shaman are the Master of Spirits, and this is a perfect demonstration of that. Note that Command Cult spirit lasts 15 mins and costs 2 rune points, while Control (Air Elemental) costs 1 magic point and lasts two minutes.

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22 hours ago, Scornado said:

The Rattling Wind
At the start of the "Background" section is written "In the years since the Dragonrise the Lunar Empire has been driven out of Sartar."   Later in the "Encounter At Farfield" section is written "Wildday in Storm Season 1625, the adventurers come across the small hamlet of Farfield on their travels. "  Canonically Dragonrise was in 1625 so, using the default adventure date, there cannot have been "years" since the Dragonrise.

Thanks for spotting this. I'll add this to the Q&A pages, which will be used when a new printing is assembled.

Delete the first three words:

Since the Dragonrise the Lunar Empire has been driven out of Sartar.

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