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Mechanics for Binding Spirit


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My character just got ahold of an amulet with a spirit binding enchantment. I want to make sure I the have steps down. I’m an Orlanth initiate with 6 rune points. I think my two best options are to summon cult spirit or get assistance from the assistant shaman in our group. 

I summon cult spirit (1-3 RP), then command cult spirit (2 RP) to go into amulet. I haven’t seen a random table to roll on for what constitutes an Orlanthi cult spirit. I know there’s been discussions about cult Spirits in other threads, I’m hoping the soon to be released cults book will have example cult Spirits for each cult. 

Getting a Spirit from our assistant shaman is a little more confusing. He summons Spirit, I engage in spirit combat, cast Spirit Binding to bind spirit into amulet. 

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