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programming question....

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I know, I know this is not a programming web site! But just you wait a moment, I think it shall soon all be clear...

I am working an my Master of Orion booklet for BRP, and the Spaceship construction rule closely follow the rule of the video game. Which is a tad involved to calculate how much space is left, how much is taken by current device, how much it cost over all, etc.... to say the least.

And I thought to myself! Hey maybe I should make an Excel spreadsheet that does it?
But, well, Excel is not my forte, so I dunno if I do something in suboptimal fashion but, I am ending-up with very very long incomprehensible formula.. 😕  Oh mighty Anders Hejlsberg, I beseech thee, gimme some C#!

So I am thinking why not make a simple desktop program, that would be good! But then there is always the trust issue of random exe on the web... Hell perhaps I can even make it a web page?
But I don't really want to maintain a website.....

Any idea what medium would be good?
Come to think of it, perhaps a single page javascript web app might do the trick.. just the behind the scene data will be a bit.. less friendly format than excel.. 

and you know what? gotta ask my favorite programmer forum too! ^_^


Actually... since I am making a desktop app for doing galaxy map, can as well have spaceship design in it!

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I would do it in Excel, or Google Sheets

My trick in Excel is to have some tabs to contain the formulas. Don't make them too complex, but you can link two cells with formulas to make a more complex one.

Also, if I have a cell with a drop-down, I have the same cell in a different sheet that contains the link to where the drop-down comes from, then link to that cell with an INDIRECT statement in the data formatting. That makes it much easier to handle.

Also, if you are making decisions based on drop-downs, for example choosing a Profession and getting a list of weapons, then VLOOKUP and a separate sheet of lists by profession is your friend.

Drop me a PM if you like. I have some Excel sheets that I use in gaming and they might have some useful ideas, if you can work out what I was trying to do with them.

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I was mostly using INDEX function so far....
Gotta check out INDIRECT, VLOOKUP and think of using cell to store tmp data....
I shall try harder indeed, Excel is a perfect choice indeed...

Although I quite like my C# (9) declaration of all Techs so far.. took me 1 hour of thinking, 5 hours of typing (so far).... 😮 :)

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On 11/17/2020 at 12:25 AM, Lloyd Dupont said:

I was mostly using INDEX function so far....

I can't remember when I last used INDEX, I don't really understand it.

On 11/17/2020 at 2:49 PM, Lloyd Dupont said:

Did a bit of experimenting.....
I found how to make absolute cell reference and the method XLOOKUP and it's becoming much easier! :)

And also I stored intermediary calculation in some cells on the side....

Once you do that kind of thing, it becomes really powerful. Sure, it can bloat your workbook with lots of sheets, but that doesn't matter as they tend to be small in size.

XLOOKUP? Why, that is amazing. No more VLOOKUP for me! Thanks for mentioning that.

Using XLOOKUP and INDIRECT makes Excel very powerful.

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