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Now available from Sentinel Hill Press - Miskatonic Country Scenarios: A Keeper's Guide

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Now available from Sentinel Hill Press: Miskatonic Country Scenarios: A Keeper's Guide


Agitated in Arkham? Despairing in Dunwich? Indecisive in Innsmouth?
Don't wander the shores of the Miskatonic without this guide to Miskatonic Country scenarios!
Since 1983 Chaosium and its licensees have produced dozens of scenarios set in Lovecraft's fictional Massachusetts towns of Arkham, Dunwich, Kingsport, Innsmouth (and more). This guide helps Keepers pick and chose from these to find the perfect one for their groups and campaigns.
Contents include:
* Introduction
* What is Miskatonic Country? - An explanation of what makes up the region and where to look for more information and inspiration.
* A short bibliography of Miskatonic Country - A discussion of all the books from Chaosium's "Lovecraft Country" series as well as Miskatonic Country-focused scenario collections.
* Miskatonic Country Scenario List - a quick reference list including the scenario titles, source(s), and authors followed by a detailed description of more than 60 published scenarios, covering places visited, entities encountered, and tomes potentially unearthed.
* Concordances for places, entities and tomes encountered.
* A bibliography for all the scenarios discussed to help in tracking down specific scenarios as well as a list of scenarios by author.
So if you are new to Cthulhu and want start exploring Miskatonic country or if you're hunting for a specific scenario... or if you're looking for a scenario featuring Deep One hybrids (there are 8), that pay a visit to Christchurch Cemetery in Arkham (there are 4), or let you find a copy of the Eltdown Shards (just one)... this guide has it all
Currently the guide only covers scenarios regularly published by Chaosium or one of its English-language licensees up through August 2020. No scenarios from magazines, Chaosium's Misktaonic University Library Association (MULAs), or through the Miskatonic Repository are included in this guide. Likewise scenarios set in Miskatonic Country but otherwise outside the "Classic" 1920s/30s era are excluded.  These scenarios will be added in one or more future updates (as well as advice for organizing a campaign using published materials as well as suggestions for creating your own scenarios) assuming their is customer interest. Buyers of the current PDF will receive the updated versions at no additional cost.


$4.99 (PDF only)
Written by Bret Kramer, with Dean Engelhardt, Graham Donald, and Tyler Hudak.
Cover and interior illustrations by Galen Pejeau.
Layout by Dean Engelhardt.
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