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Out now in PDF: Reaching Moon Megacorp's LIFE OF MOONSON, Book One: The Characters

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This 243-page book contains fifty illustrated character sheets from the freeform live-action role-playing game (LARP) run at North American, British and Australian Gloranthan Conventions in the late nineties. Take part in the Lunar New Year Ceremonies! Marvel at the glory and decadence of the Imperial Court! Witness the majesty of the Senate, the might of the Red Army, and the sinister machinations of the organs of state...
Written by David Hall, Kevin Jacklin, Nick Brooke & Chris Gidlow, with Michael O’Brien & Mike Hagen. Lavishly illustrated by Dario Corallo, with cartography by Phil Anderson and a foreword by Chaosium's Michael O'Brien. 243 pages, $29.95, available now from the Chaosium's Jonstown Compendium community content webstore on DriveThruRPG. The ideal companion to the best-selling A Rough Guide to Glamour.
This isn't a RuneQuest title, so I hadn't previously mentioned it in this forum, but reviewers have said nice things like:
  • "The character objectives, in particular, could give rise to numerous plots which could be used in a sandbox style campaign set in the Lunar Empire... It ought to be pretty much required reading for any GM intending to run adventures in the Empire. But even if you're not it's a fun read and will no doubt be useful as background for campaigns set in Sartar, Prax and elsewhere where the Lunars remain the major antagonists."
  • "Are you a Runequest fan? Buy this to get a new perspective on the blood-soaked wonder of Glamour." 
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I glanced at it when I bought it and thought that it would be great for RuneQuest NPCs, all a GM needs to do is add a few stats. But, from what I read, most of the plots don't involve the NPCs to be around, so you don't need stats for them.


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