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Sacrifice Magic Points

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My gut says that the strict adherence to vocabulary that is common in many RPGs isn't what CoC is going for here. And that flowery vocabulary was just used to make the text more fun to read, and not as a mechanics giveaway. I would interpret sacrifice and spend as equivalent. As always, I'm prepared to be wrong if that isn't the case. @Mike M 

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Reading it again I'm still uncertain, but also still think it makes too much paperwork to actually permanently sacrifice Magic Points.

I'm just going with the idea of spend and sacrifice being interchangeable in this case. 

I'm trying to remember if there is any instance of temporarily spending POW, as opposed to permanently spending it which happens in several spells. It might give some insight into wording.

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Sacrifice, spend, burn, delete, remove, invest - all mean the same thing with magic points. Magic cannot be permanently used up - unless it specifically says "permanently lost" in the text (which it 99.9% never does, as magic points always come back). 

You will note that where POW is lost, the text should say whether it is a permanent loss (usually is) or if the POW can be restored and at what rate. With POW, if the text does not say you can regain it, the default is permanent loss. 



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A question that has bothered me as long as I have played CoC: How does a character "signal" that he is inventing Magic Points in a ritual, item or spell? It sometimes says in a describtion "If a charcter spends 3 MPs then this or that happens".

How does this work in "real" life? Does the Professor of Occultism concentrate and let it flow into the magical dagger? What if teh dagger is not magical and cannot "receive" the spend MPs? Does our professor know that? Does he reckon that his "magical" dagger is not magical at all and thet the antiques seller sold him a fake?

Or do you just say:

"My character wants to send 6 MPs into the dagger.

- "Ain't working. It's just some piece of cutlery!"

"Oh that antiques salesman - damn his eyes!"

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