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Chaosium welcomes art director

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7 minutes ago, Martin said:

I was surprised to see the gems look like garnet or rubies  are not emeralds

I actually liked the fact that it was using red, rather than green.  And I think it makes sense that Ernalda would make use of all the treasures of the Earth, not just select ones.


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3 hours ago, jajagappa said:

I actually liked the fact that it was using red, rather than green

And I like that we're discussing the colour of the gems when, following the link, the article says:


Jaye has been working with artists for the forthcoming RuneQuest title The Red Book of Magic, to be released in December 2020.

That's next month!

Damn, just drooled over the laptop again!

(that's a two exclamation mark post, getting carried away...)

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Should really finish the post before submitting.
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30 minutes ago, Frp said:

I love how they announced that on the sly. 

I have no idea what's in it, but it'll make me a nice gift from me to me for Christmas. 


7Tigers nailed it, I think:


13 hours ago, 7Tigers said:

As far as we know, all of RQG spirit & runic spells from publications up to Cults of Glorantha. "Plus some more things" according to Jason Durall.


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