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Out now in PDF: Alone Against the Tide

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Here's something new to play if you're staying in over Thanksgiving – our latest Solo Call of Cthulhu release, Alone Against the Tide.

What has Professor Harris’ research got to do with the strange green fog enveloping the town? Who are the menacing, dark-suited men that arrived on the ferry with your investigator? And, why is a Buddhist monk visiting Esbury, a town more used to entertaining New England’s wealthy elite?

Take on the role of an investigator traveling to a remote lakeside town where strange things are happening. Decide your path through the story, and the fate of the citizens of Esbury!


Alone Against The Tide is a solo scenario. All you need is this book, and your copy of the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set or Keeper Rulebook, some dice and pencils, and you’re ready to begin your horrific trip to the lakeside town in Massachusetts!

Solo Call of Cthulhu scenarios are also perfect for playing with a friend or partner – read the story aloud, make choices, roll dice, and explore the story together!


Buy the Alone Against the Tide PDF from Chaosium.com now, get the full price of the PDF off the physical product when it's out in the new year.

Also available at DriveThruRPG.

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Already played through once, good stuff so far. Survived but learned nothing. :P

Looking forward to another play this week.

(A few of the links to entry numbers either didn't seem to have a link attached, or went to the wrong entry. No huge deal, and I didn't note which ones but I will next play.)

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I did note the links that I found. The following hyperlinks are broken:

Entry 101 hyperlink to entry 90.
Entry 17 hyperlink to entry 35.
Entry 81 hyperlink to entry 24.
Entry 77 hyperlink to entry 140.

As Grimmshade noted, that is no big deal. While I generally love the products that you all put out, I have to say I am fairly disappointed that a number of the entries in this one are clearly written as if the PC is a male character. I would prefer the entries to be more neutral, as is the case through the excellent Alone Against the Frost, or have varied entries offered for both male and female PCs (more effort, but doable with replication of some of the problematic entries with slight modification). I should note that I played through this a couple times with my partner and her perception was the same, which she also found disappointing.

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