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Chases and attacks - clarification requested.


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Hey guys, trying to get some clarification, or at least consensus. 

On page 138 of the Keeper Rulebook, Chapter 7: Chases, Part 4: Conflict:

"Initiating an attack costs one movement action.  Characters are limited to their usual number of attacks per round."

A Ghoul has three attacks per round.  Does the ghoul get 3 attacks on a single chase movement action, or does each of the three attacks have to correspond to a single chase action?

Example: Wentworth has tangled with the wrong ghoul and is now in a chase.  After speed checks,

Wentworth = 7 MOV = 1 action moves

Ghoul = 9 MOV = 3 action moves

The chase starts with the Ghoul 2 spots behind Wentworth.  The Ghoul has the higher DEX, so it moves first, using 2 of its 3 moves catching up with Wentworth.  1 moves left.  

Can the Ghoul then attack Wentworth with 3 attacks, using 3 attacks per round?  Or since it can only Initiate an attack per round, does that mean it only get's one attack for the movement action? 

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Oh that's a good question Greggers. On page 134 under Actions in a Chase Round it says on their turn in the DEX order a character may use their turn to initiate one attack, with an asterisk indicating that the one attack can mean multiple attacks for some monsters (such as your ghoul).

In a regular combat round a human can make one attack on their turn. In a chase round the human can make one attack in the round (expending one movement action to do so).

In a regular combat round a ghoul can make three attacks on their turn. In a chase round the ghoul can make three attacks in the round (expending one movement action). 

If we make the ghoul have to spend one movement action for each attack that is effectively slowing them to the same fighting speed as a human. 

I hope that clarifies the rule - I agree it could be made clearer in the text. 

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I'd rule that its one set of attacks - for creatures that could mean multiple attacks. In the example above the ghoul would attack three times once it caught up with poor Wentworth. I'd rule the same for investigator that wanted to use multiple shots etc as their single attack action as per the usual combat rules - basically whatever is allowed with your typical action.

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Thanks so much guys.  Clears it up tremendously: 1 Attack Round (with however many attacks are open to the character) equals 1 Movement Action. 

And from the cultist/Harvey example on page 149, there's only one Attack Round per chase turn (a turn = the character's allotted movement actions).  I.e., if the Ghoul had an additional movement action left over after attacking Wentworth with 3 clawing attempts, he wouldn't be able to go in for another three shots on the next movement action.  (Bloodbath, that.) 



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