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QuestWorlds Status Update

Ian Cooper

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I'm much more likely to post at the FB QuestWorlds group, as I only drop to this forum occasionally. I'll try to circle back for a bit  to pick up  responses on this thread.

First draft of my part of the Core Rules will be done by end of the month. Just need to get the examples in to have the whole first draft. And then get another pair of eyes at Chaosium to edit it for me. But we are very much on track with this now. The Worlds & Quests book should be first draft by end of the year. And then we get into art and layout, but there is a good chance of a digital release in 2021-and that's about as much of a date that we will give at this point.
After that come Doc Vandal, Cosmic Zap and After Thought, probably in that order. Those have first drafts already, so the pipeline could be quite steady after that.
Progress. Thanks for your patience
GitHub has no open issues for the SRD right now:


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