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Red Moon and Warring Kingdoms

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Hi all. I'm the author of this effort, which is coming along. It will be published as a fan publication as a special supplement to the Escalation! fanzine for 13th Age. It will have original art that is frankly brilliant, and for which I can take no credit, and, if they don't give up on me because I am terribly slow, the editorial team of volunteers is going to definitely make a silk purse of my sow's ear of writing and game development.

I am coincidentally the co-host also of Iconic Production's YouTube series, Exploring Glorantha, and the two projects both complement one another, and of course eat time away from one another (as does the whole bother of having to work for a living, etc.).

I can't tell you when Red Moon and Warring Kingdoms will be coming out. We have made a lot of progress, but there are 400 pages of manuscript in a series of Google docs, so, it will be done when it is done. But I am hoping (and thus likely cursing myself) that we may see it this calendar year.

Thanks for your interest. I hope we shall deliver something truly special, thanks to the great leadership from Tim at Escalation!, our artist, and the outstanding editorial team of volunteers.


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