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A custom creature for tonight's game...

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Melnibonean Guardian Drake.

Conversion from Nephilim (Gamemaster's Companion).

The spirit of an ancient dragon infused into an elemental body and bound to a place. This one is based on an earth elemental, bound into a Melnibonean stone tower.

STR 3d6+6 (Damage bonus based on STRx2)

SIZ Everywhere in the binding place, coils sift through stone and normally appear immaterial.

CON 3d6+6 (HP = CON)

DEX 2d6+6

POW 4D6+18

- Attack: Bite 50% 1d6+db (drake is physical for the whole round)

- Coil: 40% db (an auto constriction damage each round, if remains physical)

Armor: No but can be attacked only when physical

Ability: Omnipresence within the binding location, no need to move.

Earth Elemental abilities: Can affect movement on rock and halve MOV rate, dodge or climb (POWx2, 1 MP cost per creature affected). If the location allows it: rock falls, damage according to the Elric! Roll Table (POWx2, MP spent according to Roll Table, max. 5). Rock fragmentation: 1d6 to 3d6 damage from shrapnel (POWx1% cost 6 MP for each 1D6). Minor earthquake: collapse of structure (Requires POWx1% roll, structure takes 2d4 rounds to collapse. Can be used once per year).  

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