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Yer favourite Trollball Cheers

Bill the barbarian

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12 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:


26 minutes ago, GMKen said:

[Think 1950s-style cheerleading]

Oak Land Raiders are the best!
They belch and fart and $#!+ the rest!

Destruction is the Z’rak Z’ran way!

Wade on in to our trollball fray!

Enjoy the taste of your @$$

We hand it to you good and fast!

Enjoy defeat it’s all you’ll know,

Oak Land Raiders are Go!

[While a solid team in their time, with a winning record drenched in blood, their fortifications were reportedly overrun in 721 as part of the overall purge of trolls from the southern Elder Wilds, i.e. Balazar, in 721 by Aldryami and humans, leaving the Oak Land Raiders trollball team as just a footnote in troll history]
[P.S. If it could be found, the outpost is rumored to have been home to some potent anti-chaos weapons...]


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... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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Me, I like @GMKen’s cheer , I mean mine is simple enough that even a food trollkin can remember it but there is something to the retro appeal of his throwback to mid last century (me, I say never mind the 50’s, it is so 8th century).  but I wonder if anyone has a better cheer yet. So come on, kick off's about to happen, you got the beetles and dip all bowled up. a few kerpowzies chilli’ and yer sporting yer fave teams colours, but, do you remember yer cheers?

... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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Just now, Nozbat said:

How many Gudjonson's where in this video?

According to Bill, all of them:

4 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

Iceland war chant...

That’s the entire country in the square!


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Some trollball plunder:

Pom Poms of Power - these trollball accessories are created from long thin strips of skin from whatever creatures are handy.  After drying the strips are secured at one end and imbued with at least one point of POW.  In use they are shaken to create a loud rustling sound as the dried strips jostle against each other.  The magic is invoked when the movements of the Pom poms achieve a certain synchronicity with the movements of the user (often called a cheer leader), as represented by a Dance roll.  When this happens, the team supported by the cheer leader will receive a +5% on their next offensive play.  This is cumulative, so the more cheer leaders able to make successful rolls, the greater the offensive bonus.

Oddly, the trolls have discovered that this effect also works in combat.  Sadly, troll warriors having squads of cheer leaders supporting them during combat never took off as a concept, as the cheer leaders represented a significant vulnerability.  Apparently “All Cheerleaders Die!” was a popular Aldryami battle cry for a time.

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