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Out the Suitcase: Chaosium President Rick Meints's stories from a life-time as a collector of all things Chaosium

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Out of the Suitcase' is a new regular series of posts on Chaosium.com from Chaosium President Rick MeintsAn avid RPG collector, his love of all of Chaosium's publications, plus anything Gloranthan or RuneQuest in nature, has earned him the nickname "Mr. Suitcase".

Out of the Suitcase #1 - Jack O'Bears and Me




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I'm asking around to find out if that's what happened with the Vikings material. It's certainly possible it got repurposed. Sandy Petersen, Steve Perrin or Ken Rolston should know. Worlds of Wonder came out in 1982 and Vikings for RQ3 came out in 1985, so the time between the two products is not that much.

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In this 'Out of the Suitcase' instalment, Rick looks at the special editions produced for Call of Cthulhu's 20th anniversary in 2001.

(BTW, this year is the 40th anniversary of Call of Cthulhu. We have some special items underway to mark this milestone too. Look out for these later this year!)



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In his latest "Out of the Suitcase" post, Rick has an intriguing real-life Call of Cthulhu mystery to solve...


Although it is on the cover of the first edition rules booklet, Marvel Comics artist Gene Day drew this iconic depiction of Cthulhu several years before the RPG was even conceived of. Rick is trying to track down which publication Gene drew this for, and wonders if anyone can use their Library Use skill to find out more:


Call of Cthulhu first ed rulebook 1.jpg

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In his newest 'Out of the Suitcase' post, Chaosium president Rick Meints poses the question, was 1981 Chaosium's golden year? From his shelves, Rick shows off the impressive array of releases Chaosium fans were treated to 40 years ago.
Plus, a solution to Rick's real-life Call of Cthulhu mystery from his last 'Out of the Suitcase' post...
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In 'Out of the Suitcase', Chaosium President Rick Meints shares stories from a life-time as a collector of all things Chaosium. Here Rick talks about one of the "best decisions I ever made", moving to the UK in 1995 and being welcomed into a wonderfully creative and energetic circle of friends collectively known as the Reaching Moon Megacorp.




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