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The Red Book of Magic corrections thread

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Please note the page number and location of any typos or errors spotted - many thanks!

FOLKS! - this is not a thread for questions or discussion of the rules, we are specifically looking for errors and typos only. Please take discussion to another thread.

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Just as a note, I am following this thread, so all comments are being noted. 

I've made edits to the doc based on this and other feedback. We've resolved the font issue internally through the assistance of folks here, elsewhere, and at Apple.  (This is a known issue at Apple

I'm making edits now based on everything prior to this post, and will do another pass at the very end of December. There'll be a new .pdf released soon after that. 

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p105 Learning Spirit Magic "Rune cults can teach any spirit magic spell known to their Rune Masters."

Does this mean that a priest of say Orlanth who happened to learn a Lantern spell at some point from a shaman, can now teach it to all of his initiates?

Lets say my character is that same Orlanthi priest and I would like to teach an initiate a spirit spell Disruption, which is listed as one of Orlanths Cult Spirit Magic spells, but I do not know it myself, does that mean I can not teach it at all? Why even bother to have Cult Spirit Magic if the limitation is what the Rune Priests know?

How long does it take to actually learn a spell?

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Sleep p119 "The target only awakens if injured or if a hostile spell is targeted on them."  What's a hostile spell? I can see any spell that does damage like a Disrupt will, but what about False Healing, Fanaticism, Distraction or Demoralize? Would it not be better to say any spell which requires a POW vs POW roll?

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p108 "active and require some concentration and attention by the caster to continue functioning as desired. In these cases, a concentration roll (INT×3) may be required." 

When is a concentration roll required? Does taking damage affect it? If yes then by how much? How about ridding a horse,  or if you slapped on the back? Can one talk while maintaining an active spell?

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General note: Some spells use radius and others diameter. Consistency there would be good.

Accelerate Growth- If it does not work on an Aldryami, it needs to say that.

Agony- Can the caster break the spell or are they both writhing for 15 minutes?

Alter Spirit of Disease - 2nd sentence should be lose and begin instead of loses and begins.

Asrelia's Cavern- It creates a cube but additional points increases the radius.

Attract Attention- Change last word to defend if they can also dodge.

Awaken Loon- In the Giant Loon example, close the parenthesis after Land.

Ban- Duration (special).

Bear Fruit- Stackable but doesn't say what effect stacking has.

Bind Ghost- Spell out of alphabetical order.

Bless Animals- Should be "the target beast" instead of "each beast so blessed" since it only affects one beast.

Bless Thunderstone- 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence, remove the word "like".


I'll start with the Cs in the morning. :)



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"Spell Strike Rank", p108: I think the text is missing the fact that you're not supposed to count the first magic point of the spell. And to be fair, the rulebook is also missing it in a spot or two... so it's possible this isn't a mistake but a rule simplification? (edit: I realized that, on p9, Rune Magic also now gets +1 SR for each MP... no skipping the first... while I welcome this simplification, it may be worth it to add a sentence that confirms the change from the rulebook?)

Summary table, p109: Binding Enchantment is incorrectly listed as a 3-point spell.

"Distraction", p113: the first sentence of the second paragraph ("When cast on a spirit...") seems badly worded. I suppose it should read "it automatically draws the spirit away".


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6 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:

Is the magic rune correct?

There's something funky going on with the embedded font in the PDF... it looks fine in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC/Mac) and on GoodReader (iOS):


But it looks wrong on, say, Skim (Mac) and PDFExpert (Mac), where it incorrectly ends up with the Earth Rune:


My guess is that the book is using a semi-obscure feature of the PDF spec, and any PDF reader that only partially supports it (in order to perform much faster than Acrobat) then gets it wrong.


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