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The Red Book of Magic corrections thread


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4 hours ago, lordabdul said:

"Spell Strike Rank", p108: I think the text is missing the fact that you're not supposed to count the first magic point of the spell. And to be fair, the rulebook is also missing it in a spot or two... so it's possible this isn't a mistake but a rule simplification? (edit: I realized that, on p9, Rune Magic also now gets +1 SR for each MP... no skipping the first... while I welcome this simplification, it may be worth it to add a sentence that confirms the change from the rulebook?)

Summary table, p109: Binding Enchantment is incorrectly listed as a 3-point spell.

"Distraction", p113: the first sentence of the second paragraph ("When cast on a spirit...") seems badly worded. I suppose it should read "it automatically draws the spirit away".


I spotted this, the maths is easier this way though I am sure players will complain

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12 hours ago, metcalph said:

Know Lineage is duplicated twice on p62. The first should be marked (Kero Fin Variant) and the second (Pamalt Variant).

Page 62 - The two Know Lineage spells probably should be one after another, rather than being split up by the Knowledge spell, given they have the same title.

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1 hour ago, Godlearner said:

What's the effect on a horse? How about a Scorpionman, an insect or a Wyvern? I think the spell description should limit the spell to a humanoid.

As given in the spell description, the leg cannot be walked upon.  It's less useful against four legs which is not an error. 

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Call Monster- I assume excluding CHA was intentional?

Call on Stars- This refers to "common spirit magic spells", this is differentiated from the "special spirit magic spells" listed on page 107? (edited from original comment)

Call Shanasse- paragraph 2, sentence 1, should be "accept" instead of "accepts"

Chaos Feature- The first paragraph implies that the spell is cast on self: "At the instant that the caster sacrifices Rune points for this spell, they are marked"; the second paragraph mentions "the target" of the spell; and the last paragraph gives rules with casting it on "beings of Chaos" without defining that.

Clairvoyance- Range should be listed as 5 km, as in the RQG book.

Consume Mind- This is a little unclear: "The skill values are considered ‘as-is’ without needing to determine the skill category modifiers." If it is saying what I think it is saying, I suggest: "Caster gets the targets skill levels, including their skill category modifiers, but does not add their own modifiers."

Control Flood- No duration listed.

Crack- Most stackable spells that are base higher than one specify that the added effects result from each additional rune point (not two additional, the base cost).

Create Whirlvish- Add bestiary page, as in other spells.

Cyclical (Characteristic)- Is the normal, unstacked duration 15 minutes?

Dead Place Ferry- Should refer to "the Dead Place" instead of "a Dead Place"? (edited from original comment)

I'll take up with the E's later. :)

Edited by Scorus
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Page 33 Counter Chaos; but Counterchaos on Page 80 & 82 of the Gloranthan Bestiary 

Page 100 Turn Blow. Poison and blade venom are is not reflected, but damage from weapon-enhancing spells like Bladesharp...

'blade venom' is not in RQG

Page 100 Example: Ramba the priestess casts this spell in a fight against an elf. The spell takes effect on strike rank 3 1 and the elf hits with a long spear on strike rank 3 as well, simultaneously.

RQ:RiG page 314: Rune magic spells always take effect at strike rank 1.

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Page 32

These skills cannot go higher than the caster’s INT×5 or the victim’s skill, whichever is lower.


Page 123 - Missing Spell 

Cancel Light 23

Carapace (Bagog variant) 24
Carapace (Gorakiki variant) 24

Page 125

Spiderlimbs 83
Spider’s Head 83

There are listed in a different order to page 83


Page 126

Wolf Hide 104
Wolfrunning 104
Wolf ’s Head 104

There are listed in a different order to page 104

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3 hours ago, Scorus said:

Cyclical (Characteristic)- Is the normal, unstacked duration 15 minutes?

Does it take just 1 additional RP to stack up the duration, or is it 2 or 3 depending on the characteristic? 

And, can Extension be used with this spell?

Edited by PhilHibbs
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Enchant Instrument- I assume "mutual harmony" means that the two instruments will play the same notes at the same time?

Fertilize- Does this cancel Blast Earth?

Flash Flood- Most stackable spells with a base cost of 2+ state that the stacking effect is per additional rune point. Does the 4 point stacking limit mean that only 1 additional point can be added to the original 3 or that 4 additional points can be added?

Flood (River God variant)- Only works on The Creek and not other riverways/cults?

Ghost Dart- Stackable or Nonstackable?

Glowspot- Should this be lune instead of chaos rune?

Golden Fleece- Stackable or Nonstackable?

Heat Blast- I don't understand stacking with multiple points of divine intervention.

Increase Temperature- Should this have darkness rune?

Keenclaw- Confirming that this is supposed to be DEXx6 instead of the usual DEXx5 for such weapons.

Know Lineage- Two versions with the Knowledge spell listed between them. Should be together and (Kero Fin) and (Pamalt) versions, I guess?

Morale- Does not have stasis rune in RQG book.

Peace- This should probably say whether it requires a POW vs. POW roll.

Pregnancy- Specify whether this works on males (in print now or over and over and over on forums).


I'll pick this up with the R's later. :)

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Page 34 Crack

Temporal spirit magic, Rune magic or sorcery does not make the item proof against immune to the spell, the caster may boost with magic points to overcome the magic at 2 points per Rune point, 1 point per point of spirit magic or 1 point per sorcery strength.

--More coherent? 

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Restore Magic- It says "For each Restore Magic cast" and then later says you can only have one Restore Magic spell at a time. It is also listed as Stackable but there is nothing that says what additional points do. Perhaps that is supposed to read "For each Rune point spent"?

Restore Health- Out of alphabetical order.

Restore Mind- Out of alphabetical order. Stackable or Nonstackable?

Ride River Horse- An extra "only" in the first sentence.

Sanctify- Specify the earth cult cube size, since it has no radius.

Shape Metal- Does this work on Adamantine?

Speak with Horse- Should be "talk with a" in first sentence.

Spell Trading- In the example Biturian seems to be rolling against his rune instead of the 1-95 that the spell requires.

Stones to Kill Chaos- An extra these in the 5th sentence.

Summon Ghost- I assume the caster will know what the Fourth Hell is from GoG?

Summon Guardian of Thanatar- ditto above with Place of Waiting.

Summon Luxite- A brief description would be good, if not in GoG.


Okay, in the home stretch! :)

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Did not see Absorption listed in a search so I assume this has not been noted. Kyger Lytor gives Absoprtion but in the Red Book the ruins powering the spell are Water and Harmony. While a troll with Harmony is possible and Water a little more unlike KL”s runs are Darkness and Man. Is this an oversight?

... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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These can not be the correct runes can they? Oh, the Chaos Rune for sure, but Stasis? For a spell that transforms things?

Claws was originally in the RQ G core book, surprise, Beast Rune!



Edited by Bill the barbarian

... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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Page 30 Command (cult spirit):This common Rune spell

Page 44. Dismiss Magic: This common Rune spell eliminates magic from its target.

Page 51. Find Enemy. This common Rune spell alerts the caster to danger.

Page 56. Heal Wound. This common Rune spell heals damage done to a living creature.

Page 66. Multispell. This common Rune spell allows

Page 76. Sanctify. Ritual, Duration (special)[comma] Stackable

Page 80. Soul Sight. This common Rune spell allows the target both to see the POW

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Page 14. Awaken Loon. Ritual, Duration (Permanent), Nonstackable, One-use

Page 21. Call Monster. Ritual, Summons, Nonstackable

Page 27. Chaos Spawn. Ranged (special), Summon, Temporal, Nonstackable 

Page 66. Mountain Leap. Self, Temporal, Stackable, One-use 

Page 87. Strike. Touch, Temporal Duration (special), Nonstackable

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Yep, as I mentioned before, the Rune font is all garbled in some PDF readers. So far, for me, both Adobe Acrobat and GoodReader work fine, Skim and PDFExpert don't. Other people might be able to report on other PDF readers.

Back to spells: I'm confused about the Tree Chopping Song spell. It says: "All those influenced can use any type of axe against Aldryami of any type as if those weapons were mauls or maces."... isn't it the other way around? They can use mauls or maces as if they were axes?

Summon Luxite: the average stats are not quite correct. CON (2D6+6) averages at 13, and DEX (3D6) averages 10-11.

Edited by lordabdul
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p.9, One-use Rune Spells

It has already been clarified here that you don't lose the knowledge of a one-use rune spell. However in RBoM, it says that you don't lose the knowledge on a fumble or a critical, implies you don't lose it on a fail, and is silent on whether you lose knowledge or not on a success. This mixed messaging is just going to lead to confusion.

The Well says:


You permanently lose the Rune points, but not the spell itself.

The description on page 316 says nothing about losing the spell, so there’s no reason to think you would lose the spell.

However this last point is no longer true. The rules now do say something about losing knowledge of the spell, but leaves it unclear in some of the cases.

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