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The Pavic Spirit Tradition


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I haven't really been able to find much about what spirits and spirit societies exist among the Old Pavisites other than ancestor worship for guys like Mani, Opili and Balastor (and also Black Fang). Presumably whatever founder spirit exists for the Pavis Survivors/Zebra Tribe, too. Is there any other information on minor spirits/spirit cults you would find among the Pavisites?

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This might help:

The Pavic Tradition


The population in hiding turned inward for survival. The people were turning from civilised bronze age city dwellers into survivors, blasted back to the stone age. What would become the Pavic Tradition originates from this time. Those who had helped people survive were revered and their special skills and magics lived on. The small spirit societies that formed are ancestor worship made up of their heroes that stood against Waha: Mani, Opili, Kagtang and many other Pavic leaders from that time. Black Fang was a ruthless raider finally killed by Balastor. However his spirit lived on finding its own specialist niche. Florian the Gardener helped survivors grow small patches of food amongst the ruins, and Gar the Jar made sure that water could always be collected. Sometimes a small hero spirit of Pavis appears, many fear it as it forces those who revere it to stand firm against the nomads. All of the Pavic Tradition spirits except Pavis are considered hostile to Praxians.

The most important Pavic spirit societies are Foundchild the Hunter and Eiritha the Herdsmother. These spirit societies clearly originate from the Praxian Tradition, however due to the inherent hatred of Praxians nomads, they exist in isolation.


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I agree with the comment about the (non-canon) Companion series.  Volume III has a brief discussion of a Rubble Spirit tradition.  That mentions city spirits, the noble dead (ancestors), and elemental spirits.  They also have links to river spirits, rubble spirits (animals that live in the rubble), zebra spirits, and plant spirits.

I also think that the seventeen foes of Waha would make a good spirit tradition.



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