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White Rabbit Green - Playtesters Wanted

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Carbon Copy is currently preparing our v1.1 playtest of White Rabbit Green, a Mythras Gateway license project based in the Mythras Imperative ruleset, for release in the New Year 2021.  If you have an interest in participating in early development playtest of a game of spiritual transmigration, transtemporal identity, and mystical transhumanism in the spirit of Cloud Atlas and The Wicked + The Damned, that plays like a mystical season of Doctor Who (only traveling via the Sefirot instead of in a TARDIS), drop me a message.


WRG Cover_small.png

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I'm enlisting playtesters to organise independent games and provide review.  Mythras operates on a fundamentally similar base of mechanics to BRP, so the learning curve will be rather stepwise.

I'll send you a private message shortly.


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