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7th Edition supplements that include poster maps

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I have Berlin The Wicked City, Masks of Nyarlathotep and Down Darker Trails, apart from the base set for CoC 7e, and was pleased to see the first two came with a map (and understand  why DDT didn't, since it's a more general setting). This made me think about which other supplements include a map. I know bigger versions of some are available at the Red bubble store, but which ones already come with the smaller version included? Would love to know if Reign of Terror and Harlem Unbound come with one.


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31 minutes ago, Rick Meints said:

Harlem Unbound has larger maps in the back of the book.

Thanks, Rick. Great to know that! Is there a particular rationale behind which products include it? I know it's just a nice little added bonus, and it really won't determine if I buy a product or not, but now I'm curious. Love all the work you've all being doing with CoC 7th.

39 minutes ago, Rick Meints said:

Children of Fear will do so. For that matter, so will the reprints of Beyond the Mountains of Madness and Horror on the Orient Express.

Amazing news! Really excited about those reprints, in general. 

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There is a downloadable map for the Secrets of Tibet supplement on its product page on Chaosium’s website 

Earlier versions supplements that had poster maps I can remember right now 

Arkham Now

Cthulhu by Gaslight

Cthulhu Invictus 


HP Lovecraft’s Arkham 

HP Lovecraft’s Dunwich 

HP Lovecraft’s Kingsport 

Dark Designs

Escape from Innsmouth 

Terror Australis 

Tales of the Miskatonic Valley


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12 minutes ago, AlonsoAguilurk said:

Thanks for the guidance @oldschooltommy! Was the Terror Australis map for the whole country? Now I wonder if the new version has one, but can see why it wouldn't. 

Yes a nice color poster map of the whole continent of Australia was in the first edition, I don’t think the 2nd edition for 7th edition Call of Cthulhu has it.

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9 hours ago, Rick Meints said:

We are the Chaosium, not the Orderium, as the saying goes. We don't have a standard approach to what books get a bigger map tucked in the back. It just depends on whether we feel it works better that way, based on the maps used in the book.

As a very happy costumer, I trust your gut feelings. Excited for what surprises I might find tucked in the back in the future! 

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