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Grey crane : how will Miskander fight?

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I'd like to play the Grey Crane with my player. A one shot to put us back on the right track (meaning, playing again...)

But when I look at Miskander, i don't see how he can be a threat... He is bound to the table, and the only thing he can do is talk, cast spells, and throw some objects (the room is quite empty, then not much to throw). The player can easily take the Grey Crane and leave.


Or did I miss something?

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Spoiler Alert!!!


Miskander is a Spirit and can only be harmed in Spirit Combat and his is 115% Unless your adventurer is Shaman this would be a tough fight. I'd kick off with Spirt Screen 3 on his spirit followed by Countermagic on his body (usually incompatible but as written the scenario suggest that they are separate so you might allow it). Then aim to possess one of the adventurers while casting offensive spells and tossing stuff (dropped weapons etc). If the possession is successful I use the meat puppet to try and kill the others. 

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Miskander has telekinesis. I used that to pick up an adventurer and throw that adventurer at another adventurer. 1D3 / 3 points of SIZ of the unlucky adventurer +D2 damage bonus. :)

Spirit Combat then happened in parallel. 

EDIT: I used other adventurers because, as described, there wasn't anything else in the room for Miskander to throw... :) 

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