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Paladin ponies

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Hi all,

a war pony in Paladin costs 12L. By comparison a charger costs only 10L! Moreover, a steppe pony, described as "A small, but hardy, pony native to the steppes beyond the
lands of the Slavs" which should be ideally suited to the hard life of the barren steppes only has a CON of 10 (as opposed to most other steads that have a CON of 14 at least). 

I was thinking of giving it at least CON 14 and decreasing the price to 2L (more than a rouncy's 1L). Note that my campaign is taking place in Asia Minor, and as such these beasts should probably be more common than the other horses, and so should be even less expensive.

What do you think?



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Sounds fair to me. Also, in the end, you are the GM. If you think something makes more sense in your campaign, especially something location-specific like the horse breeds, go for it.

(Of course there are some things that one should be careful about changing without considering the consequences, but I doubt the war ponies would cause issues.)

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