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City temple influence on tribes?

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3 hours ago, Akhôrahil said:

King of Sartar depicts him as essentially doing everything, himself, personally.

But then it would, wouldn’t it?

I don't remember where exactly it was from, but I remember reading somewhere something to the effect of, "We often talk about these heroes as though they were these lone figures doing everything themselves, but pretty much every hero has an entourage of companions who do a lot of the legwork that later gets credited to the hero, who tends to overshadow everyone." The companions of Argrath, Harrek, Jar-eel, Kallyr, etc., etc., have probably been responsible for a lot of deeds (or at least helped in a lot of deeds) that don't actually get remarked upon when people recount their sagas.

And what's more, if Argrath was a fairly hands-off guy who mostly sent warlocks and companions and mercenaries to do a lot of the actual dirty work until something sufficiently important comes up for him to bother his enlightened self with, it wouldn't really be flattering from an Orlanthi perspective to actually portray him faithfully as such in a saga meant to aggrandize him. The Orlanthi love their active, dynamic warrior-priest-kings, after all.

Heck, the Dara Happans consider an emperor who sits around on a throne all day barking orders as an ideal and even they sometimes do this. You'll sometimes see records saying "the emperor did this" and "the emperor fought here" when what's probably more likely to have happened is "the emperor commanded this to be done" and "the emperor sent out a general to fight here."

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13 hours ago, Stephen L said:
15 hours ago, Scorus said:

but in my opinion the dictation of the future is a flaw of RQG

I vote the opposite. 

The future of Dragon Pass is a guideline.

GMs can choose to follow it slavishly, not allowing PCs to deviate, use it as an idea of what is coming or ignore it completely.

I prefer to use it as a guide, sometimes using the events, although not always in the same order as they appear, with PCs taking the prime roles and changing things.

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23 hours ago, Nick Brooke said:

Mate, Glorantha existed before RuneQuest; the first thing ever published about Glorantha told us that Prince Argrath of Sartar fought against the Lunar Empire in the Hero Wars. Sure, you can ditch that and do whatever the hell you want with the setting -- lots of people do. But goddamn, this is a weird hill to choose to die on.


cool your jets

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On 1/1/2021 at 8:59 PM, Jeff said:

Watch the White Bull campaign on the Chaosium YouTube channel and you can get a feel for how bad that went!

Thanks @Jeff, the last few episodes are chock full of fantastic stuff to use in my campaign for Kallyr

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