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[OpenQuest] OpenQuest Companion now live


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Want new rules, new monsters, adventures and other miscellaneous bits for your OpenQuest games all released free under the Open Gaming License?

Well the OpenQuest Companion, a new online web resource is just what you are looking for.

Currently we have:

* Spending Hero Points for Plot edits a new optional rule.

* Motives a new optional rule that adds Goals to your characters.

* Two different sets of Mass Combat rules.

* The Making of OpenQuest.

With more to come in the coming weeks.

Visit the OpenQuest Companion at OpenQuest Companion

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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There's a new review of OpenQuest at RPG.net.

Review of OpenQuest - RPGnet

Pretty favourable - that's good!

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